Looking for a good 7.5 inch Android touchscreen car music system

Kijiji please recommend a good brand and cost

Huyu ndiye gwiji wa Sound hapo Nairobi West. Tafuta yeye 0722238038.

Import a quality one from www.chinavasion.com

Paapa? Shaina na quality zinaingiaga sentensi moja?

My advice is When buying consider buying one that has good radio reception.


I really don’t have an example ni vile I bought some pioneer radio sometime back na iyo radio huwa haishiki radio kwanza wen u get out of Nairobi .So I always advice anyone shopping for a car stereo to always consider that not to end up messing like I did.


This site is owned by a German and based in Taiwan. It buys quality Chinese merchandise for resale from ODMs (original design manufacturers) mostly targeting Europe and Noz America. The items are usually unbranded or have unknown brands.
Top notch quality mdau.

Try this YouTube channel Quality Mobile Video
Cheki reviews za head units ujiamulie

model gani chief?

Pioneer Double Din AV Receiver DMH G225BT

do you think of disposing it? I can buy

[quote=“Trojanex, post:13, topic:259022”]

do you think of disposing it? I can buy
[/QUOTE Lemmie first find out whether my old radio can be fixed if fixed then I can dispose, in the meantime how much are you willing to give for this one .?[/QUOTE]

will gauge on how terrible the receiver is. unfortunately the reception cannot be improved like the old systems where you just required to adjust the ‘gang selector’ (variable capacitor) and some FM induction coils. 5k will be justified but you can always state your stand

Wewe trojanex wacha mchezo I bought that shit for 15k and hasn’t even lasted long .

Sio mchezo elder. you see you are even calling it sh*t? How exactly is the reception?

Si there’s some stuff they usually put to improve reception ? I think they call it modulator or something …wat happens is that the radio receives channel wen you get to shopping centers wen you hit the road unaskia mvua tu wen u get closer to another town inaanza kuongea very frustrating .

Could be your antenna, probably it was not properly installed

Wachana na modulator. Check that your antenna is connected well