looking for 6th/7th 32GB ipod touch

I have a 16 GB model of the same and would like to trade it up for one, preferably used or refurb.
DM if you have any leads

Just asking… What value does it offer over a phone.
People aren’t really buying this audio players given how far phones have come

none really, thats why it was discontinued. I just like having my music in a separate device is all

I toyed with the idea of an ipod touch for a while but the prohibitive price na lack of any benefits over a phone ilifanya niwache.
Even thought it would be nice for a car but still couldn’t justify the buy.

ata mimi mpya siezi buy, its not worth it…but I’m sure they’ll be valued as collectors items many years down the line…esp the shuffles, nanons

What for in 2022?

I can upgrade it for u upto 128GB

how much?