lookin for real source

nany anaeza nisaidia na fixed match hapa…alafu am a new villager n big tym gambler

Del norte vs nueva Un25
Temperely win

The kenyan elections. Put your money on uhuru and thank me later…Otherwise niaje Bingwa

Wakanyama vs Mbuzi 9:00am
wankanyama 1.16

nataka kitu ka 300 odds…

ile kitu sure in gambling ni firimbi ya kwanza

Na game ikikua postponed due to bad weather?

Such don’t exist bruh, and if they do (rare), not online. Here is an example of what happens with match sellers: with 3 likely htft outcomes, eg. X/x, x/1 and 1/1, a guy sells each to 10 guys. That’s 30 guys. Suppose the result’s x/x, he remains with 10 loyal customers, others ‘go drying’, scammed. The cycle continues… Usijaribu kulipia odds… You’ll be dry fried!


NV hii maneno ya kutumia image ya mine utacheza chini, chieth