Look at what pst Muiru told Doc Owuor

A few years ago, controversial
prophet, David Owour, was a
close friend to many city pastors.
He used to attend their prayer
meetings and was at times invited
to Minister in their churches.
This made him a darling of many
pastors and they appointed him
as their spokesman. But during
one of their meetings, popular city
pastor, Pius Muiru, complained
that they cannot be led by a man
who has no wife.
The other pastors joined in and
ordered Owuor to marry or be
segregated from the group.
Apparently, Prophet Owour was
married to a woman of Israel
origin but they separated due to
irreconciable differences. Owour
loved the woman so much and he
vowed to never marry again.
But Muiru mocked the Mighty
man of God instead of comforting
him as a fellow brethren.
Owour stormed out of the
meeting in anger and left a curse
to his fellow pastors for mocking
From that day, they never see
each other eye to eye and some
of Nairobi pastors have even
tried to wipe him out of the
group but in vain.

hao ndo mnaita watu wa Mungu???smh

Sasa mnaingilia prophet mzima.