Look at this idiot disparaging my ancestors. Ghaseer


:D:D:D:Date ke??

Grandfather ya @Thiem it’s rumoured alikua na hii tabia. Hence why he came out as a shemale with big tits

Wtf is this nonsense, respect has gone out the window bigtime

People will shout anything for likes. Happens when their info source are anti maumau colonial propaganda garbage

Thats true. Mau Mau oaths involved unmentionables.
"…to give an idea of the degradation inflicted, it will be sufficient to mention that the oathing ceremonies included forced cohabiting with animals, the drinking of menstrual blood, cannibalism, eating the brains of disintered corpses and many other practices.

as if these loathsome rituals were not enough to test a man’s loyalty, every member was forced to begin the cycle after reaching the 7th oath.

No man, not even the “generals” was free of this.

There’s is a whole group of people who hate Maumau for the simple fact that they are Kikuyu. It’s silly and a hopeless attempt of denying them their place in history

so true. Unfortunately for them, Mau Mau is an African pride.

That ‘whole group’ includes Kikuyus.

There are self hating Kikuyus. Niulize nikupe list.

I noticed that too…they hate maumau with a passion…the homeguards and their sons currently in leadership of this nation are known for their dislike for maumau

this just motivates me even more to climb that monstrosity …and when/if i do i wont spare any lgbt flag i come across

Yet we thought this lgb whatever non sense was a ‘non-issue’

The climb should extinguish this anger of yours.

Wapi hio picha ya LGBTQ Chieth. By kesho hio flag itakuwa chini courtesy of @Motokubwa, @Wanaruona @uwesmake enda recon halafu uletee full intel.
Hapana tambua fuacking gaychieth.

iko wapi?hapana tambua mashoga kama akina @poyoloko na his bottom eunuch @imei

Include Thiem and Mundial there

Maumau were not only Gikuyu, talk with Gitu wa Kahengeri, He was incarcerated with Kenyans from all over Kenya at Manyani.

Huko napanda 26 Dec hio flag na ng’oaaaa. Maghasia hao wasituletee usenge.

Oh yea I didn’t mean to make it appear that all of them were Kikuyu because that would be a lie.