Look at this beta male with no sense of self-worth.

Beta males truly are the most bottom-of-the-barrel, no self-respecting, idiots on the planet. These bitch-niggas are willing to throw away their self-respect for a few seconds of female validation from a girl who ranks below 4. Look at this one for instance, proudly proclaiming to be beta just to conform to the views and opinions of a not-so-good-looking female. Shit, I wouldn’t do this shit even if the bitch was an 11. Fellas, this is exactly what you should NEVER be!

Si TrumanCapote anakuwanga female? Ama it’s a completely feminized bitch-ass nigga?:D:D:D

Hawaskiangi hawa gamma males. They should be castrated not to sire stupid fools like them.


Learn to see beyond your nose… io fisi inajifanya beta male.

Ata Sue inakaa ni pseudo ya Alpha male anajifanyia campaign.

Boy child will do anything to smash…

:D:D ata kama. This one is low.

Hawa orbiters joh!

Kunguru has just confirmed the red pill reality ,alpha males fucks and beta males gets fucked

Even if he was, it’d still be beta behavior is. He’d be degrading himself to try and get a hoe, something that only weak-ass betas do.

unfortunately that line wont get him any pussy.

Why are some men here obsessed with other men and their supposedly beta pedigree instead of concentrating on getting some for themselves? If Sue Williams decides to dish out to the faux-Beta or bona fide Beta respondent, hata hamtajua.

Kunguru amesema fuck alpha but marry beta, kumaanisha saa izi she’s getting ana elongated pussy yenye unaweza sink in hadi na gumboots alafu anakuja kuoa mshenzi, I feel for the so called beta


Nimecheki @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ashaenda akapeana his two cents[ATTACH=full]244062[/ATTACH]

Get it from an experienced person. Some men act underdogs only to show claws and canines when time is due. There are reasons why a wolf will hide on a sheep skin only to strike when sheep is asleep.

Fisi equals beta male. Alphas do not thirst for pussy, especially not in some sort of approval-seeking way.

Anyone who has to pretend to be someone they’re not to get pussy is a fucking beta. Putting too much effort and work in chasing pussy is beta. We already concluded that alphas focus on themselves and attract pussy as a by-product while betas focus on the pussy and trying to chase it.

My nigga! Anyone calling themselves a ‘fisi’ is someone who puts in too much effort in trying to chase pussy. That’s a beta trait right there. Their motto, " eating even the eaten" means that they have no standards whatsoever and will fuck anything with a vagina. Sort of how real hyenas eat a week-old carcass that other hunters like lions and leopards won’t even look at.