Long Labour Day Week

Hey guys, if you are in Nyeri this Thursday and Friday i will be throwing down two parties back to back at Happy Times Lounge!!! Time to let loose and turn up! All are welcome!

I hope sio leggea loots na liddims

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I’ll play u good stuff, hiphop na kenyan na naija

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will download your mixes nikifika home jioni siku hizi net ya job iko na usoro sana

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So Whats the Catch in those Parties…??? Letting Loose is our second name…are there free beers…???

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Sasawa boss hope zikunyc

Hehe ni vizuri angalau uspend, salo zimeingia

happy times you pay for beer and go home feeling robbed…

Pole sana gashwin hehe

upload mixx nitadownload