Long Island Cereal Killah and men who date prostitutes

I have watched a series about this serial killer on Netflix who was never busted and today I found a podcast with 8 episodes and a season 2, just go to Spotify and search for LISK. So what got me tripping was this guy who was like one of the murdered escorts was his girlfriend. Ati they started as FWB then moved in together and they went straight or rather the woman stopped prostituting then she became a waitress and the money was too little so she went back to escorting and then she was murdered and I am like what kind of a man allows his woman to sleep with wealthier men or any other men for money?

Some of the men we have nowadays are just impotent. I remember seeing this documentary on HBO about prostitution, some of the women were married. The husband was a pimp. So he just hangs around playing video games as the woman goes to different cars to prostitute and if you look at the men or the husbandz of these prostitutes they look gey they look feminine.

I think I’m too conservative to imagine how a man will let his wife sleep with other men for whatever reason. This is why I tell women that if a man can’t provide for you then you better stay single bcz the reality is that you don’t have a man. You just have an effeminate person who is slinging poverty penis. It’s really emasculating. When a woman is providing for a man. For me I think being a lesbian is a better option coz I know no butch lesbian will allow their femme partners to sleep with anyone for money or anything else.

I don’t understand men nowadays. How do you feel when a woman is providing for you and you are calling yourself a man? I feel like throwing up. How can you stand a brokeass man who instead of providing for you like a real man instead he’s driving you in your car to fuck other men for money.

Nilijua ni hii ghassia ya true man kapotty ndo anaez post hii shit