London cold

Just realized that Yellowman was chanting “London is cold!” In this song:

I used to sing along like this:
"Bandan Kuollo, pipita lele bandan kuollo…!
hangover tingz

:D:D:D…sang something close to your bandan kuollo!

Hehehehe damn. He used to make us sing with our mouths twisted Kiraitu style thinking it is the in thing.

yeye ni albino? never really understood what he was singing.

Wee mtu wa mare mare unasema nini

there was his other song,…

“kazungu zungu, kazungu zenge, ka-yellow man say matiba is juu”

that’s what I used to hear in 1992 during the campaigns. @Electronics4u ebu weka hiyo findeo.

He he. Close.

This is funny even if I do not know the song

Jamaica nice… London cool


hii nyangau ni albino

:Dbandan kuollo