lol.. Torrents za chronic gamer.. games zitaua watu!

da faq???
[ATTACH=full]4231[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4232[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4233[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4234[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4231[/ATTACH]

not even a single porn movie…what kind of man are you??

what ISP are you using?

@junkie… link ya hizo appetizer?
@nairobilay… sonko free wifi in tao>> hahaha! hizi ni vitu za @Avicii

good one. kuna mtu atasahau vile jua hukaa


the name is Deorro
games hatuachi hata zingine zinaendelea

Maze net itaharibu wasee.

Hiyo WiFi iko timam.


Torrents ni saviour, confirmed and crowned.

wah! guys are nice in seeding. You have uploaded that episode of scandal like a mad guy. when I finish a torrent i stop seeding

i dont see the harm in seeding since it doesn’t affect the amount i pay every month

no it doesnt. but its not fun when you get emails forwarded to you by the ISP from the parent company threatening legal action because they have seen that ip address distributing copyright material



been using this isp since 2011 na sijawahi pata shida…kenya hakuna mambo kama hiyo.impunity all the way

I got an email from an ISP some 2 - 3yrs back. It was from CBS network and they had seen my ip address was being used to torrent The Good Wife. So they wrote to the ISP and told them they must take action to stop the individual user of that ip address from pirating their shit or they will take action against both the ISP and the user. I stopped torrenting all CBS shows after that, i got paranoid and figured my public ip was probably on some watchlist

pole Buda.I’ve been using both safcom wimax and zuku and they’ve never bothered with me so I keep doing what am doing mostly because I don’t mind exploiting the white man since he’s been doing the same for a long time

tel dem…

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monthly ya Wimax safcom ni ngapi? speed ni fiti?