Loic Remy's exit is a gamble for Chelsea

Rumour has it that Chelsea’s no.2 hitman Loic Remy is on his way out. In my opinion, this is a bad move. Loic Remy had proved himself to be a viable second option to Diego Costa. Remy justified his selection in the last 10 games of last season when Costa was in and out due to injury.

Remy is being sold because Chelsea have bought Falcao. This is a big gamble because Costa is injury prone and Falcao’s better days are behind him. In addition, Falcao himself is injury prone. I see a situation where Chelsea will have no no. 9 due to injuries of both these men and then Mourinho will be forced to play Hazard as a false 9. These are my 2 cents.

Hata Oscar is likely to leave.

Lets just say that Chelsea’s better days are behind them.

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It is unfair Remy being 2nd Choice, he score enough goals to be first choice.

Very true

So, Remy will go to those mid-table teams? I think he will still do well.

Remy was rejected by one mid-table side last year on medical grounds … The club ended up buying Balotelli and some other dude, who couldn’t score if their lives depended on it


And they’re still walking alone…hahahaha

Remember Diego Costa used to play second fiddle to Falcao, when he got the chance to lead the line he exploded with goals galore. Remy deserves that chance too, I’d love to see how good he could become.

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Lakini pia miaka inaenda considering that he’s 28.

They couldn’t walk past position 7, he he. But next season they’ll be a different proposition with a fit Sturrige (if he actually avoids injuries), Ings, Coutinho and the unappreciated Milner.

Its allowed to post in Kiswahili or even vernacular as long as you get someone to translate it. But it maybe that you had a heavy lunch.

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this is an oxymoron, both Chelsea and Man City (Youth Days) got rid of him due to reservations about his ability to remain fit

Huyu sturridge na diaby wanakuwanga wameundwa na glass ama nini?. Injuries all the time.
Kulikuwa na mwingine Man U anaitwa Hargreaves. Same story

I also find him a bit arrogant and selfish

Umesahau Kim Kallstrom he was signed and the following day put on the injury list. Arsenal fans never got to see him play

He played some FA Cup matches towards the end of 2013-2014 season

As a sub in extra time

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Remy is gud but jst not chelsea good

Jose Mourinho has insisted that Loic Remy will stay at Chelsea despite the clamour of Premier League clubs, led by West Ham, that want to sign him – and the player himself also says that he wants to stay and fight.