Hi Talkers, am working on a Logo design for our Boxing Team, The Extraordinary Team, I have come up with 4 but I need help on picking just one,your suggestions and advice is highly appreciated, help me pick one please[ATTACH=full]11665[/ATTACH]

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The last one looks fine to me…

the first one.
three is symbolic everywhere

Number 4

the last one

last one. but just make the gloves meaner

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Firstly in boxing i believe you have clubs… then i see you are obviously channeling TMT all the way… why not do something fresh, crispy, new…


Ati TET.wanajaribu kucopy TMT…why not jus call your self CET = Chokora Extra ordinary Team


just redo!

@Nyadist club ni ya Bangu, okay TMT may be part of thye inspiration but the logos are unique in their own way

creativity boss come up na kitu yako

@Ebru kwani hizo ni za mtu mngine ama

tumia TET kama hii kwa logo

But maybe you should engage the services of a professional graphics designer

None of the above… Engage in the services of a professional graphic designer

I agree

Kueni serious hizi logo zinakaa tu power puff girls

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@uncle nyam and @Bhangi Iwe Huru, am a graphic designer and I accept positive critique, even Power Puff is creativity of someone and its a good animation, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, we decode differently

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Hii picha ni ile ya uchi uchi bang bang?