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Good evening fellow talkers.there is an issue i cant seem to wrap my head around.you see i’m always logged in on opera mini from my phone, but occasionaly i visit the site from a pc.the problem is, when viewing from a pc i keep having trouble logging in such that at times im logged in then when i open another thread BAM! i’m out .now, my querry is 1. can one be logged in in different devices using the same handle? 2. if say using a phone, is it possible to be logged in using different browsers, say opera mini and uc browser?
Any help will be appreciated.

There is a “keep me logged in” button when logging in on the pc. Make sure you select this.
I am logged in both on my phone and laptop, so multiple logins are possible

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I always do that @nairobilay, problem is even after clicking that box severally i end up being logged out. Eventualy one gets tired of logging in every time you want to comment or view a photo

Are your cookies enabled on the browser? Although i dont think that could be the problem. I login in incognito mode on the laptop and it always keeps me logged in until i close the window

One robot identified

yes the cookies are enabled

what about them?

Cheeesus…you want chocolate chip or what
Now I understand why @nairobilay wanted new villagers denied posting rights

I have been experiencing a similar problem latley on my phone…at times i get logged out bt gud thing is my username and pswd are usually already filled in so all i do is click the keep me logged in and login button! If i login kwa opera mini minimize and open with uc browser nikirudi opera napata it has logged out!

Not really a bother bt just puzzled why it happens!

@admin I always get re-directed when I “like” a post. Another page asks me if I’m sure I want to “like” that post…

I’m outchea dispensing “likes” so everyone can get to “village elder” asap but you trynna hush my game bruh.


no. its mozilla

Yangu sijui ni browser gani but Jana nilijam when I got asked that question. It was like @admin alikuwa anani second guess kana kweli I want to like that post…I was like seriously?

Saa zingine pia you want to post a thread and attach photos, only to receive an error message, ati its the wrong format na format ya image nimeconfirm iko supported.izi issues ndogo ndogo zitafanya watu wabaki new villager milele

blame xenforo software…

So am not the only one who keeps getting logged out even in the mid of posting stuff.