logical thinking

If from Nairobi to Thika was a strait line and two vehicles,a bus ya kenya mpya and a vitz left at the same exact time,both maintained a speed of 100kph,which one do you think itafika kwanza?

Hizi demonsrations ziishe watu warudi kazi.This is pure torture.


Using the Caroline Mutoko Logic, they will take half the time.

Obviously they’ll reach at the same time. But also vile kama inthanite amesema.

Obviously, they will take twice the time. Jam nayo!

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Broti maguta maguta !
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kenya mpya will cause an accident as norm…
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the bus will obvousely get there faster because it is longer!

De railers - The answers you are giving is not what the quetion is asking. ati haziwezi fika mapema juu ya jam :slight_smile:

The Vitz will get there faster coz it’s lighter.

Hii ni kama kuuliza, pikipiki ya bajaj na lorry ya axor ikileft place same time na imaintain same speed, which one will get to a place faster. Forgive me coz I can’t explain my answer but obviously the axor will, or in your case, the kenya mpya bus

what’s the wind direction.

Drivers ni UOTP ama RWNBP ?

:D:D …because they will have a combined speed of 200km/hr

ideally speaking there cannot be a straight road so none will reach thika

If someone introduces irreducible minimums, then the vehicles may never depart, and even if they do, they may be compelled to start the journey afresh!

what if you factor in the actual speed using a GPS system, plus wind resistance… The amateur me thinks vits itafika mbele.

For heaven’s sake. It doesn’t matter. Sijui wind. They are maintaining a speed of 80km/h. They will arrive at the same time… smdh.