Localbitcoins tier 1 verification

Am expiriencing problems in the process. After taking clear selfies and Id photos bado wanakataa kuverify. Anybody who has expirienced the same?

They already know u are a thief

took me a long time… but take clear pictures with phone and put ID on a white paper

Stop FOMOing into crypto!. You have been given a blessing in disguise. Forget crypto for 3 months and then recheck the charts.

don’t listen to him… learn how to get in and out, everything is about risk

and this dude has a sell wall setup for you to buy and dump on you .
This is gambling not investing. Treat it like Sportpesa, not NSE

Na hivo ndio utapoteza pesa. Considering it’s many people doing this. Give it time until whales watoke hapo na profits.

Yeah I feel like Bitcoin will hit a sudden drop to 17k. And then pop right back up.

How long did it take you? Did you contact support? How long did it take?

seconds… I was doint t wrong… kuna place ya front na place ya back… i was doing it attached together…

so NSE is not gambling too? Everything is gambling. Even starting a business is gambling. Let the sleeping dogs lie.


Those guyz suuck, they will take you in rounds

How was your expirience?

I was unable to verify.

try localcryptos. Very efficient

You are a robot

That’s a Ponzi scheme. But anyway you can cash out b4 it goes down or else [ATTACH=full]343618[/ATTACH]