Local Vernacular Stations

Of late I’m impressed by Kameme fm. Once in a while listeners are called upon to help a needy case financially. Like today it was Brian Gitau medical fund who was born eti his brains outside the skull. Few minutes after the paybill is given,the account reads 2M plus…having surpassed the target by 400k. Enyewe hii tribe huwa inasaidiana. Does Ramogi or Egesa Fms ever had such things?

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Kikuyu is an enterprise

The same tribe unasema huwa inasaidiana is the same tribe adding poison to alcohol and selling to its youth who end up being zombies or dead SMH

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So unasema wanasaidiana juu ni Wakikuyu? Nothing to do with the number of listeners that Kameme has? Ok, sawa. Enjoy your day.

I love the soundtrack for ramogi fm advert on Citizen TV…tafasari saidia link!

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Really dude,really…

which song is that? would love to get it.

hahaha…I can see what you’re doing there. Anyway, in the ad the couple is getting ready for work…

The way this thread is going…inakaa kupigwa mistari…na mimi.(watching keenly:cool::cool:)


hehehehe nimesema ngwe

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Na si siri! :D:D:D

nianze uchochezi upate sababu ya kuipiga mstari?

I don’t like vernacular stations very much. I only listen to them when am not in control of which station to listen to. They vex my spirit. Have you ever heard them trying to convert Internet jokes to vernacular and still have the listener appreciate the humor…? It’s painful I tell you.

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Apart from poorly done adverts, Kameme is ok with me.

and do you think anybody cares?

And why should they? Kuna wale hupewa jameson na kuna wale kama wewe hupenda changaa, it’s all about personal taste.

Unaweza chochea as much as you want, as long it doesn’t lead to tribal hate speech.

After the PEV stuff, I don’t listen to vernacular stations.

Can someone pris get me the name of that song!!!

wacha nikusaidie tukae na amani kwa kijiji