Just to ask which local university would you take your kid or would you prefer to study in?? generally tu just put the specialization shit away i just mean a good and reputable university!!!(BOTH PRIVATE AND PUBLIC UNIVERISTY give one for each)
And talking of universities… as you answer that also tell us which university you attened… (watu ya kenya poly tutasemaje cz yetu tukiingia ilikua tu kama village polytechnic)



First it depends with the course your child wants to do. Look for a uni. that is well known for the course. ION i would take my kid to any other Uni. apart from UoN. I was supposed to be finish my studies July upto now am not yet through because of the lecturer strikes ( most of the time our lecturers are striking on behalf of the rest) and student strikes.

wacha mtoto asome then akue admitted competitively sio mambo ya kutafutia mtoto shule from nursery to university then uanze kumtafutia job

uko na point… by the way sio poa akue private all the way… na pia ati bado umtafutie kazi

Depends…if kid is very smart and might one day pursue further studies then UoN. Reputation precedes it and wont have to do admission tests/or quality approvals when he goes abroad. Generally most of my bosses, former and current, who are in their fifties and obviously went to either UoN or KU would always choose a UoN/KU/Jkuat product over others…

private try strathmore, public;UON as always. its alumni are going places and it will always give you an advantage in the job market as most will lean towards their alma mater

Enda penye employers wengi wamesomea. I have a boss who is always passionate about UoN. Akikupa hekaya unabaki unacheka…ati they used to manufacture stones!
Personally, would go for a private kama Strathmore na KCA

Moubt Kenya University

Malaya Kuja Usome.

End aUoN .

Depends on the course one wanna pursue:
Engineering -UoN/Jkuat
Education related: KU
Science related: UoN
Agricultural related: Jkuat/Egerton

ng’ombe za UON zinahype UON hapa. mscheeew

did my undergrad at UoN…postgrad at KU but PhD itakuwa UoN.
UoN all tha way

IT - Strath/Jkuat
Eng- UON, Jkuat
Media - MMU/daystar
biz - private unis
fuack nimechoka kutype, Mpeleke MIT ama Harvad vile mimi nilipelekwa

IT - Strath
Biz/Commerce - Strath
Theology - CUEA
Technical shite - Kenya Poly
Media - Kenya Mass
Education - KU