Loan Sharks

So a gentleman I know approaches me to guarantee him HELB Loan to do his PhD. I am like aw hell naw. Yaani loan sharks are in my turf. Walahi the msomo I’ve given the mchamaa I don’t think he will ever talk to me again. I have almost bit off his head. I am sure he will not approach any other woman. LOL. Too much male entitlement but I have been waiting for the opp to give these loan Sharks a huge chunk of my mind not just a piece. Bure kabisa.

DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT GUARANTEE ANYONE in this shithole economy of ours

For HELB atumie grandmother ID as gurantor

I would rather give someone money I am willing to loose, rather than offer them a loan.

How much are you willing to lose nikutembelee?