Liver biryani msee.

Kuliko sunguch.

The teeth line of those guys is awesome.

Admiring a man’s looks on these streets equates to… Ama wacha tu

Just giving a compliment. It’s rare to see such in the West.

Apart from the makamasi hair, they look like negroes kabisaa

Peoeple in the west used to be dark too. They eliminated their dark skin through excessive inbreeding and obsessive selection for light skin. It was and still is one of the biggest human breeding programs in the world. There is no reason why European would be light if it was through natural section

Thats east,man

I absolutely adore this channel. The food leaves me salivating…kwanza the way they eat heartily…

I agree with you. Not even stained by the spices…the banter between them is lovely to watch hata kama sielewi lugha.