Live Streaming

I have a problem… i need to stream something live over Facebook video live. We have Canon DSLR camera and the best software so far is SparkoCam which has a big watermark unless someone buys it.

Any advice about the alternatives or other ways… TIA

u want us to buy it for u?


I Have a device called ViDiu …I Hire to u @5k

Just use your fuckin phone

I have a fork that I use for such purposes and am always told the vid is very clear.

hahaha… kwerra uko!!!

i did that but the auto-focus bit was messing up the video quality

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Tumia OBS… Open Broadcast Software…it is easy to use na ukishindwa you can find tuts on Youtube

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Thanks mate, av downloaded the youtube tutorial let me go and see how it works!!!

@ngojera na wengineo, did this work?

Yes it worked.
i had to buy something called capture card, it makes the device recognisable by the Software, especially OBS… hopes it works for you.

Yeah it worked. Just the same way you did, I bought a capture card.

Hi which capture card are you using?

Some cheap chinese knockoff niliget na 1000 bob downtown. But it worked great. Aliexpress unaeza ileta na kitu 400 bob