Live Betting

I found out last weekend that my success rate is much higher when I do live betting, basically every match that has a goal in the first hilf naipea over 2.5 and any match that has 3 goals at 60 minutes naipea over 3.5 or 4.5 depending on the teams and the odds are much better.

Guys can try that.


Manutd and Liverpool had a goal in the first half but ended 1-1 (under)

This is betting bro, generally a game that has a goal in the first half will go over, also statistically most matches have more goals in the second half than the first half.

hii tilijua when Britain was in EU

Umeachana Na mambo ya lawyer?

weka screenshot ya winning streak omundu

thats why i like the second half most goals option

Pia OV 0.5 HT.

3 combined usually have an odd of 3 to 4. Si mbaya ya kubadilisha Kenya Cane (500/=) to Guiness (2000/=) on saturdays when matches are many

He he he.