Litebeam M5 vs NanoStation M5

Am considering one of these two for a 9km link. The Litebeam has a gain of 23dbi and a range of 25 km unlike the Nano that does only 15km and about 13dbi. Does the gain even matter? Also the Litebeam is only 6k whereas Nanostation M5 goes for about 9k. My budget is veeery tight too. I deal with cisco equipment regularly but am new to this P2P connections using ubiquiti. Which among the two should I go with? Any help would be welcome.

A crank Shaft for Massey Ferguson 185 should be taken to be chongwad Upto a maximum of three times @introvert tukichonga zaidi inaweza vunjika?

Unasema nini mkubwa

@Manu TK kuja upeane usaidizi

Which help do you need…advice on the signal strength of each? ama you need someone to help you do the job?If it’s signal strength/speed just go for litebeam M5 coz the gain already explains itself.


So the higher the gain the better the range? Am trying to figure out which one among the two is better suited for the 10km connection. The litebeam sijaiona na watu wengi kama m5 thats why am hesitant on buying it.

Ndiyo. Ama ukose bearing ya hiyo size.

use lite beam, and particularly LIETBEAM AC, bei iko a bit higher than what u’ve stated

I would use the litebeam. It has less wastage as the beam is concentrated in one direction. But you got to know what you are doing.

Hakuna haja ya AC. The internet speeds are less than 10mbps mbona ninunue AC ya 450mbps? The 100+ offered by the 5Ghz one are adequate.

i personally would go for the nanostation back when i was kind of broke i used to have one in the house and i could pick-up like a thousand wifi hotspots all over the city plus i love the way its all weather any day i would choose the nanostation, but it also depends on your budget,Backward compatibility with existing hardware the operating ranges(channels e.t.c)

Forgive me but I disagree with you. As the man said, it’s a point to point(p2p) I assume and not peer to peer and over a long range too. He might not also be transmitting internet, just data. The nano might pick wireless signals but what do you do with them?
As for the channels, there is no backward compatibility. The only difference when it comes to channels is in Japan, where they have an extra channel that is free to air.

AC ata sio coz of capacity but rather the envinronment which is not well explained here…frequency interfereance… ie, mind you the distance of 9km is also a large distance for a nano station. less DB

Kwa hii explanation yako si ununue tu litebeamo_O…
Lakini I tried both na quite obviously the Nanobeam is stronger