Listening to Kenyan radio can make your IQ to drastically drop

Jeez! These radio owners and management are just stupid bonobos with no important information to offer the masses. They make it worse by employing low IQ bonobos as presenters and news collectors. The only exception is a few stations like KBC and a few gospel stations.

Wekelea mia.
Ushinde 259 K
Hii upusi tutaondolewa lini
Only listen to spice fm 6 to 10am

Radio only employs “celebrities”…for example they picked that “bonoko” guy and put him on radio…woe unto you if you have a Mass Communication Degree.

Vijana wanatumia wazazi pesa ya mbegu na fertilizer, mzazi anatuma pesa kwa radio ashinde millions

Oh my God. Gives me heartbreak

I always took you for an avid patanisho fan.

And Citizen? Inspekta Mwala and the likes. It is no wonder Azimio people think like that.

If you have to listen to radio in this day and age, tune into BBC else wewe ni mafwi ya doggy.

Wacha radio. Most tv’s in Kenya ni ma religious bullshit. On Sunday I fell like dying. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Umekuwa mwanamke?

Which man with enough testosterone replies that way?

Okoka uwache ukafiri

Atheist detected