List Of Petrol Stations Selling Adulterated Fuel...


These refused/unable to “talk” with the officials.

Safari petrol stations belong to new Kisauni MP Ali Menza Mbogo, lazima pesa ya campaign irudi
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…This is a PR gimmick from ERC. Some of these stations are on the list year on year.

Do you have a peevious list nijisomee?

Basically do not fuel at petrol stations with owners names ati WaweRose Filling Station(Waweru & Rose), Petju Petrol Station etc etc.

Also, petrol stations with thieving pumps:

Total Nyamasaria Kisumu

Hizo ata ni kidogo.ziko mob zaidi esp nrb huko ndani kwa estates.i only do fuel at shell full tank once a week

Erc has really streamlined the sector. Nishaipata msee anahandwa juu ya kuto calibrate pumps na i tell you hao ma inspectors sio joke

Government inspectors wakikuangukia in any sector si mchezo, you are always on your own. Babu Owino can relate

Vitz ukiweka 200 wiki mzima uko set

kinamba has been penalised zoo many times and the guy is still in business and expanding…

how does national oil not make the list wako notorious sana adultering fuel

Excelllium and Excelllium pekee. For 95 ron vs v-power’s 98 ron, the difference is too small for such a large price difference.

Kwanza that national oil opposite total ile ya north rift… Hao wanauza adulterated kila siku ya wiki

Hawa ERC nao ni mafala. si waende wafunge hizo petrol stations and withdraw their licenses?