List of clubs along Thika Road where ‘Mchele Chics’ have been camping

Friday, 15 October 2021 – Kasarani OCPD Peter Mwanzo has summoned directors of 18 popular clubs along Thika Road, following rampant cases of revellers being drugged by notorious ladies, who sometimes work in cahoots with the management.

The clubs have been earmarked for closure due to negligence.

According to sources, directors of the said clubs have been summoned by Kasarani OCPD tomorrow at 10 am.

Tuseme the whole of thika rd is mchele haven?

Nothing happens because men are the victims. Kwa chochio media hata they make fun of the whole thing, encouraging them to go home to their wives early ndio wasikule pishori, na laughing emojis kibao. But wait till a lady gets drugged and robbed or raped, hapo ndio utaona hasira.

Let’s make this thread great

wafunge hizo pub zote mpaka wakue serious

This a positive move by Pamba, social media is awash with half-baked moron’s kama @johntez addi gaza msafi addi meffi.

Gavament should be serious about such activities,hii ni robbery with vayolense

@GREY2020, remember what we said about victim shaming?

Pub owners can eliminate this if they want…I used to have a local karibu na garden city which was very choosy with the type of unaccompanied females they let in…I have no idea which criteria they used to identify the mchele gang but their formula worked…thats the only place in nairobi where you can leave your drink unattended…where you can be assured your phone and wallet will be safe even if you drop them and the owner doesn’t allow you to drive yourself home if you get very drunk…wacha nikumbuke jina niweke hapa

:DTumekula mchele hadi tuko immune. Nisipowekewa silewi.

Hehe I once went to visit a friend pale St Francis kasarani after amekula pishori nikapata kumbe hata nurses wanamjua…yaani jamaa kwa mwaka anaeza kula pishori mara mbili but still he never learns…

All thika rd hadi Mwea ni mchele tupu

I was in Karatina 2 weeks ago nikaogopa. Hadi waiter ananiambia nichunge pishori. I had to leave after 1 bottle.

Analishwa mchele doses kama Astra zeneca:D