Liquor Flasks

Does anyone have a direct link/contact to any manufacturer of these? Napata tu mabroker selling at diff prices. I need them in Bulk.[ATTACH=full]2874[/ATTACH]

labda you import

maybe they are imported but branding ni hapa i need the one who imports kuna zile ata zina cover za maasai shukas. ama broker tu mjanja

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tafuta mapage za soko fb na olx pia

How many units do you want?

i thot he said he needs them in bulk O.o

hiyo pipe ni ya kuchoma tire ama?

50 Flasks.

will be needing more later nataka watu wakunywe kabisa

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yes it is @junkie

how urgent? May naenda uchina & I know they are there.

how do you respond to such!

junkyygay alikua wera na jeshi yake

∫\ ___( •
_∫∫ _∫∫ \ \

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Bulk is relative. He considers 50units as bulk anf someome else may consider that as small


:Di rest my damn case

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