Lipa na Mpesa

I recently got my till number and I want to record all my customers paying me via Mpesa. With this information I can periodically send some deals and appreciation messages. Has any one here done this and did it have a positive impact?

usiongeze madoido kwa biashara. usifanye urafiki na customers. Jack Guy ameuzia kila mkenya battery za gari miaka zote na hajulikani.

Ukitumia customer appreciation message ataona ni kama unamjua, ni kama unamtrack, na ataogopa.

if you send me such messages, I would never come back here. It is intrusive.

That’s a very good idea, achana na huyo mjuaji ameweka comment chini yako. That’s basically what email marketing is all about, and it generates impressive leads. Someone who’s already bought from you is more likely to come back if you give them a coupon or some other enticement.

Tuma voucher ya amar utapata loyal customers

Advertise in a different way, not personal numbers. You should first ask for their permission to subscribe. Mimi sipendi hizo messages.

Be careful, wanaweza kublock wasirudi tena.

Jua data protection act.

Ntakuuzia Bulk SMS na bei mzuri kabisa, itakua more professional customers kureceive messages from a branded name rather than phone number.

It will have a positive impact if you use the numbers to send important information like offers and notifications after payment transactions.

People should respect other peoples privacy…
if your product/service was great i dont need follow up sms to come back i will just come back. Paid for some drinks in another town eons ago fuckers continue to sms me ati ‘this friday come enjoy great nyama choma and on the decks is dj…’ i dont live in meru fuckers!

If you send such messages I will block you… I used to frequent a certain car wash wakaanza io ujinga… blocked them na nika hama

We are slippery and don’t use same shop to obtain services, we explore different shops. Very good idea with idiotic and programmed invididuals, sisi open minded if you do such we go kabisa, tutasema kwani uko rada yetu??“”“”“”

I will block you if you send me those after purchase promotional text. I don’t want to feel followed. Utapoteza customers.
Website or Facebook page with clear pricing of your products and services will bring me back frequently.

It works if you are sending something of value like a discount or introducing a service customers have been demanding…And then not in a spammy manner… Not each and every day. You could lose some of the customers, but it’s worth a shot. At least one shot and then make a decision whether to continue…

If your Till is through an aggregator like Kopokopo, they have an option on their dashboard to do this.

Appreciation messages? An offer text will much more appreciated…

Don’t try that nonsense. You will simply lose customers. Naturally, people hate feeling like they’re being monitored, controlled or coerced. It won’t take long before they rebel: By blocking you and moving to the next seller.

Java && Big square do it. I like the big square one because it’s promotion oriented. I can tell you that many Kenyans do not know how to block sms so you will be fine.

This is the kind of ish that creates a demand for phone firewalls and anti-spam products. My use of your service or products does not in any way constitute an authorization to use my number to reach out to me in your silly marketing campaigns. Ditto for email messages. It should be somewhere in the law but either isn’t, or is not enforced. Even advertisements on tv and radio have crossed the line. If only I could come up with a way to filter these, before they make it to my tv. Or even use some kind of app in the ‘smart’ tv to filter them out!

In place of these Ads, just have the tv play some 5 minute snippet of tom and jerry, or something else.

But the television station needs to make money… It’s not a public service…Or what’s the alternative?

Subscription viewing

Depends on your customer base. If its birrionaires like the ones above, it’ll backfire. If its ordinary struggling kenyans, they will refer friends/come back for the discounts.

This is beyond making money, it is unmitigated greed and abuse of viewers. You have Ads running >60 percent of every hour, that’s greed and abuse of viewers. And besides, I’m talking about stations that are already charging a monthly subscription, so I don’t see how the issue of making money comes in.