Any Lion Fun here…??? Whats your take on our #Tellers. Guess we should Keep on expanding our cabinet for the trophies coz bado Sato Enterprise ni yetu.

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But at least u know what i mean. Ryt? @Ice_Cube

Elias tafathali tumia kizungu ya mama. u en inglish don’t mix.

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Rodger that @murangiri. Heri wewe perfecto

one of the standards you have to maintain here is proper use of language. kwanza tumadharau twa kuita watu perfecto wakati ume mess uachie watoto huko facebook. regards, monto monitor.

@gashwin, no comment for you…Um,Actually,…With time hiyo utoto pia mi itanitoka na nigrow ka wewe… Thanks…And dont know what you mean by Kuita watu #Perfecto But whatever it is,…, get the meaning first before alleging anything. In Spanish Perfect is Perfecto and Latin - Perfectus…Atleast u’ve learnt something.

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truce! and a thousand appologies. thought you were sarcastic calling the other guy perfecto because he criticized you…karibu kijijini…

Not a problem. Thanks.

#1 Fan…Enterprise Iko ndane ya Cabinet come sato…

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I never said it in a bad way, just commentin, usicatch mafeelings.

@murangiri no hard feelings…thanks