Lionel Messi

Messi is a great footballer no doubt…(maybe the greatest in our lifetime) but there are those little things he does that makes me think he is a prick.
Most recently he ignored an old man who wanted a measly autograph and last year he ingored a kid (yeah a kid) who wanted to shake his hand. Thats where RonaldoCR7 and Ronadinho beat this midget. Football is about respect both in the pitch and outside. Watu wa KEBS video ndio hio hapo. Watu wa darts, “ajwa” na board games (draughts or “draff” ) this is not ur listing.

Messi Ignores Kid

Messi Ignores Old Man

Meh. He’s only human at the end of the day. It happens. How come they didn’t show the ones that he DID sign?

I agree with u boss…but ukifika level ya Messi you are a “role model” for thousands of your fans and the society must mulika your “wrong” deeds.

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Messi is an introvert, he doesn’t do it coz he’s proud but prefers he does what he’s good at and people leave him alone.

MUST he?

Being a celebrity is tough and people have bad days.

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These people (like the old man) buy tickets and Barcelona Mechandise and that’s where Messi’s salary comes from. That aside heshima sio utumwa, thats an old man


Sometimes a person can be so absorbed into his work that he will barely notice what is happening around them.

Kwa fifa 14 i’ve sold wayne rooney nimeshindwa kusign in messi na dooh zikosawa, any pointers gamers

Fuck messi

he hates publicity, hes not a poster boy who likes being in the limelight except on the field.

Explain that to that little kid whose hand he ignored.