Lionel Messi the Messiah... Argentina 6-1 Paraguay

Call it dick riding but lets agree that credit must be given where due. Remember how Brazil struggled against Paraguay? well, jana Argentina thrashed them like they were at the training ground.
-Lionel Messiah didnt score but he provided a hat trick of assists infact he was involved in all the goals;

  • Eih messi bana; La liga, copa del rey, uefa champions league, copa erica and Next year January 2016 the Balon D’or most def its his.

-Argentina meet chile on saturday for the finals; As usual Argentina will win the copa america 2015 no doubt.
-DI maria and rojo were fantastic and how cums they dont play like thi s at man-u? is it van gaal ama?
Quotes from great coaches about Lionel Messi;

1; Sir Alex Ferguson (Ex Coach, Manchester United) – “Critics
have always questioned whether players like Pele from the
50s could play today. Lionel Messi could play in the 1950s
and the present day, as could Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona,
Cruyff because they are all great players. Lionel Messi
without question fits into that category.”

  1. Pep Guardiola (Ex Barcelona Manager): “Don’t write about
    him, don’t try to describe him. Just watch him.”

  2. José Mourinho (Coach, Chelsea) : “The only way to stop
    Messi is to double mark him. One player to stay on him and
    the other to help out.”

  3. Arsene Wenger (Coach, Arsenal) – “Who is the Best Player
    in the World? Leo Messi. Who is the Best Player Ever? Leo

-Pep Guardiola (Bayern Munich) – “It has been an honour to
be the coach of the best player (Messi) I have ever seen
and probably the best I will see”

  1. Carlo Ancelotti (coach Real Madrid) : “Casillas saying he
    wouldn’t sign Messi for Madrid? Messi has a place in every
    team in the world.”

  2. Manuel Pellegrini (Manchester City) – ”I don’t know the
    parameters for the Ballon d’Or. I only know that Messi
    deserves to win every trophy”

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Totally agree. And he makes fast attacking football look so easy. Add to his humility and great personality, you get an incredibly talented human being.
Btw: Neymar thinks he is the next messi:D:D:D:D…crap!

Messi is neither selfish nor does he get pissed off when a team mate scores a goal like another player who we know. He is a playmaker and a prolific goal scorer combined together as people dscribe him.
Neymar is still a kid; his juvenile act at copa america is despicable but people learn from mistakes; he wll be a great player yes but not like Messi

Can he do it on a cold, windy, rainy Monday night in Stoke?


Why not, don’t we have winters in Spain?

Wacha ati a rainy night; he can do it on a cold snowy midnight!! Alaar!

lol u dont get it

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Then make me, is it only in Stoke where there are cold Monday nights?

He doesn’t pay taxes :cool: someni hiyo

There is one couch who said Messi is good when you are watching him play, but is a nightmare playing against him.

One thing i can bet on is that he will never win the world cup but he is a genius…

Fiud Masho Couch P ama ?

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That joke is old now and it is mostly told by EPL addicts who delude themselves that their kick and rush teams are better than continental Europe’s elite teams.

true that & us trying to ape the epl our football will always be 'the kick & rush & the only thing the epl has got over the bundesliga la liga etc is their marketing

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True. And TV rights in EPL are more fair than in la liga that’s why most teams that play there are stable financially.

The joke is old and silly (I always use it to troll people who have never heard of it), but it has some element of truth. Can these tiki taka teams hack it playing week in, week out against physical teams with compact defences?

Case study: Chelsea is basically an expensive version of Stoke City. Therefore their head-to-head record vs Barca must be heavily in Barca’s favour. Yet the record over the last decade is:
Played … 11
Barcelona wins … 5
Chelsea wins … 4
Draws … 2

Goals: Barca 22, Chelsea 16

Which is a similar record to Barca vs Real Madrid: Last 10 El Classicos have been Barca (5) Real (3) Draws (2)

Conclusion: Technical football is not vastly superior to kick and rush football in terms of results. The bias comes in which one is more pleasing to the eye

But Barcelona has won more trophies that matter in the last ten years or so. For all their kick and rush exploits, Chelsea only has 5 EPL trophies in its 100+ history. And how come that defensive football did not help Chelsea against PSG or against Atletico the season before? There are also defensive teams in Europe like Juve that have taken long without winning the champions league.

Chelsea have only been relevant in the last decade. So quoting their 100+ year history is unfair.

I’m not saying that dull, defensive football is the best. In fact, I hate it with a passion. All I’m saying is that there are many ways to play football, and defending is an art too, just like attacking.

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u are right defending is an art too but attack is the best form of defense … atletico vs real cl final 14