Has linkedin ever helped anybody get a job and how did you go about it?

Good. LinkedIn is a good place for networking but getting a job there is usually very hard. The best approach is to search for your job category on google everyday and see if there are any jobs there that you can apply for.

thank you, i thought so … a friend told me to registered and i find it extremely irrelevant for job search. just a bunch of individuals boosting on how they have succesful careers.

You’re such a fast learner

As said above i also find it useful as a professional networking tool rather than the job hunting one. Pia scums huko ni kibao

Used to be but turned out into a social media crisis.
I know a guy who got an interview from LinkedIn.

it only helps me to know who to talk to in regard to the service I offer, so when I call the target organisation I just ask the receptionist to give me so and so…appearing as if I already know him/her and to him/her I appear to have had such a good reason that the receptionist passed me to him/her. email exchanges follow and voila! biashara inajipa.

If you are there it’s advisable to keep your account up to date and on point. Employers look at social media accounts of prospective employees & LinkedIn carries weight with them.

yes!! expecially in sales business where you have to make cold calls…

yea, but linkedin has lost its purpose overtime…they even talk politics in there.

lucky him/her…

it’s worthless like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s a place to show off and for social butterflies. Seriously, nothing good can come out of social media tools on a personal level

Then why are Kenyan employers laying so much emphasis on these sites?

When did Kenyan employers collectively pioneer anything? They are just regurgitation what they’ve heard.
If you did a study on recruitment in Kenya, jobs by LinkedIn would not only be negligible but also showing little growth. One simple reason is that Kenya has small numbers online (in proportion to total population, Kenya is not going over 25-30% with social media accounts)
Another is that the LinkedIn concept has failed and no Kenyan employer has strategy and tactic to screen and select people from LinkedIn.
My guess is that in Kenya the main ways to get a job is referential and by sending doc application.

I got the job I have now via LinkedIn. The H.R. Manager put up an ad indicating the qualities of the person they were looking for. Next step she searched for particular profiles with specific key words relating to that job and requested to follow those profiles. A few of my campus mates and I followed back and that’s when I spotted her post with the job specifications and how to apply. I applied, got called for the interview and eventually got the job. Just so you know, that job was not advertised on any other platform.

My point is, just get your LinkedIn profile in order. You never know where your next job will come from. Also, it costs you nothing.

Linkedin accounts work well for those that are intermediate and senior career levels but not at entry levels. I have been contacted several times by recruiters that found my profile in the site.


They have sent over a million messages asking me if i know this or that person or to “update” my page. Sijawai update or add anything. I simply dont like putting up my personal stuff online. Thats why am here instead of FB.
Anyway tangu nijue ii Kenya kupata kazi ni kujuana, not how many papers u have, linkedin doesnt excite me.