naweza pata Limbo ya PS3? Anyone?

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wewe ndio mzito baba yao

manze how do you jail break?

iphone you mean?

apparently u can also jailbreak ps3. in the 254 we use the term chipping

@Edundy mi ni msee wa PC. talk to @dranya uone kama mtasaidiana kuinstall

Sawa thanks…hope @dranya anajua

@Edundy machine yako ni version gani? sijui ku jailbreak /cheap but naweza ku shikanisha na mtu,

pc gamer here too

@dranya niko 4.7…im usually connected to network, so updates zinaingia auto. Ile hack nimeskia ina work na version 3.55 and below, and if you have anything above this you have to solder some chip…I was hoping that an easier way has been developed.

bado jo brathe

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There is a place in Kafico Centre behind archives. The shop is called Vivid Gold. They can chip the ps3 for you and put whichever ps3 games you want on a harddisk.
the number: + 254 (0) 724 925 236 or you can look them up on FB. Very good guys i use them all the time


@nairobilay Thanks sana…is that the chinese guys place?

Bila. He is a local! The chinese guys even source from him