Like Trevor and Eve, Erick with a -ck and Ibra of Carnversations Part Ways

Erick Wokabi and Ibrahim Toloi have been doing a fairly good job on that channel. Naona vijana wameamua kupart ways and Ibra came out kama mwanaume kuexplain kunaendaje. I hope he can keep up alone or even he can decide to incorporate another party.

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Bana i still can’t believe it na venye the guys have slowly built a reputable brand… I have been a very loyal fan from day one but i didn’t see it coming…



Hata mimi nimepigwa na butwa sana.

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A woman must be involved , or one of them ako na umama


I am a huge fan of this channel. Nimewoch both interviews of the two guys. They had a lot of chemistry and it is sad. But Ibra amelamba jamaa irudi amekataa. Apana bembeleza mwanaume. Apotelee huko. Ibra should advertise a vacant position juu huyo Mbugua hajui mandai anajua tu comfort, maneno isonge. Watu wengi kama @Simiyu22 wanajua magari vizuri.


Am sure if the 2 men wrote each issue that they had a disagreement and then go one point at a time checking the pros and cons. Am sure they would had reached a middle ground and continued. Any relationship can’t work without compromise. 2 egos will never go anywhere


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Truer words were never spoken


Mbugua is the one behind the cameras and also the editor of the videos. You dont expect him to know more about cars. Sasa itabidi pia yeye ajifunze maneno ya magari.

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Probably Mbugua is the girl causing these two guys all the trouble, if anything they should let him sit behind the cameras and not have any input in the show.

If you’ve been keen, BarasaJM, formerly Daily Nation columnist and King of sarcasm never liked the new kids on the block. He hated on Wokabi in the first few episodes, pointing out his pronunciation errors, clearly he was being edged out by the force Erick with a CK came in with. We later saw Imports by Kairo join in the segment and this didn’t sit well with both CK and Baraza, though the latter has been beefing Kairo ever since. Kairo upped the ante by getting a pilot license (CPL), then all the car reviews and drama went down the drain, I watch Carwow now for anything cars.
Iyo ndio mushene ya magari najua.

I’m done ranting.


Baraza has this arrogance that sometimes he cannot control! Be that as it may, he has the best command of everything motogaris around this beech! People like Kairo are just there to sell cars, which predisposes them to sometimes give inaccurate info on some things.


Kairo is a salesman first and motoring expert second. Has been called out numerous times for peddling misleading/fake info. Kuna moja ya subaru aliesema uwongo hadi guys who have worked for decades at subaru kenya wakaingilia kati.

Wokabi is also a salesman, while Baraza has a way with words, turn of phrase kama ile makanika jaruo ya Tata.


Wokabi would talk over Ibra when doing joint reviews and/or was very dismissive of his view points, Ibra would smile and nod.

Makosa ni ya Ibra, when times are good make foolproof agreements on departure clauses/buyouts/dissolution of partnerships etc.

Having segments where non-car guys kama Mbugua would do some sh*t just to introduce them to the audience incase a main guy leaves, you “promote” them to main segment.


Natambua hii channel. Natambua Wokabi only…he seems to know his shit.

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Wokabi kuna mahali ilikuwa inafika anaanza kupeana story za jaba. He as informed but sometimes he was giving pure lies.


never heard of hawa, though I am not a petrolhead - but looks like an interesting channel, though it seems what they are talking about is all gotten from the internet, they don’t seem to have the car technical manuals for the cars they review and so it seems like its content that can be gotten easily, or rather easily available info.


You are partners until you are not. There is nothing wrong them parting ways. Its part of the process

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You are one of their loyal fans. Tell elders how much money you have spent on the brand in the last 12 months. If as a loyal fan you’ve spent nothing, how are they to keep on doing whatever they were doing?

people have bills to pay, na mtu hatakaa akiweka vitu kwa mtandao na haileti hela,

Baraza ni kama Amerix na kondoo zake, sitambui yeye.


You got it right. I have never gotten a car-knowledge-light-bulb moment from their conversation.