Like AI, Statistics, Python? Opp Kocks


Have you dreamed about the Future, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Driving cars, now you can be part of that future.


Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to work on the cutting-edge of technological innovation at the Most Important Companies in the US? Are you inquisitive and excited about venturing into untested waters that will take society into the next era? If you are passionate about solving problems using new approaches, statistics and programming to create new possibilities, a career in the field of Data Science may be for you.

TechField is an IT consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. At TechField we value professionals with advanced degrees in mathematics, physics or engineering, as well as 2-3 years of experience in programming and data analysis. If you have the right education, expertise or skills, we will train you to become a successful professional in the field of Data Science.

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Foreigners also have chance, we will provide VISA Sponsorship if you meet the requirements.

Our comprehensive Consultant Training is a 12-week intensive program led by field experienced subject matter experts. Training prepares you to be an effective data science consultant. Training includes:
[li]4-6 hours a day of applied data science classroom training[/li][li]Assignments to enhance your classroom learning[/li][li]Personalized coaching from our SMEs[/li][li]Real Life Scenarios Training[/li][li]Industry Coaching[/li][li]Consultant training seminars focusing on professional and soft skills[/li][li]Furnished corporate housing[/li][li]Transportation to and from the Atlanta headquarters[/li][li]Training materials[/li][li]Guidance about the trending technologies in the industry[/li][/ul]
You will also be coached on how to land consulting projects with our high-profile Fortune 500 partners such as:

[li]Microsoft[/li][li]Intel[/li][li]Amazon[/li][li]Audible[/li][li]Delta[/li][li]Bank of America[/li][li]Univision[/li][li]Wells Fargo[/li][li]Apple[/li][li]Boeing[/li][li]Google[/li][li]Facebook[/li][/ul]
Our career advisors will help to set up your interviews with these established brands and secure contracts across the United States. We cover travel to and from each client site as well as hotel accommodations for the first 2 weeks of your new project. Once a project is completed, our team is already hard at work to secure your next amazing opportunity. Many of our consultants make an average of $80k to $100k after their first 2 years with us!

We offer 40hrs per week training pay, a competitive compensation package, 401(k), PTO, and guaranteed pay increase after your first year. Employee benefits include:

[li]Medical/Dental/Vision insurance[/li][li]Paid Time Off[/li][li]401(k)[/li][/ul]

We currently have only 6 slots open for this exciting opportunity to become a Data Science consultant. Contact our Technical Recruiter to walk you through the 3-step hiring process:

  1. Initial pre-screen phone call with your Recruiter

  2. Technical interview with a lead SME that includes live coding

  3. Confirmation Skype call which ensures overall suitability for the position

[li]Master’s degree from an accredited college/university in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, Econometrics, or related fields, PhD is preferred. Alternatively, Bachelor’s Degree with at least 2 years’ experience as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Research Assistant.[/li][li]Strong Proficiency in Python or Java programming language, or expertise with functional/object-oriented programming.[/li][li]Ability to translate objectives to a project plan with milestones, and resource/technology requirements, and teach, lead, and manage projects/people/clients to successful execution.[/li][li]Ability to work across multiple engagements with clients to assess needs, provide assistance, and resolve problems, using structured problem solving and communication to both technical and non-technical audiences.[/li][li]Availability to travel and live in the U.S.[/li][/ul]

[li]Experience with command-line scripting, data structures and algorithms and ability to work in a Linux environment, processing large amounts of data in a cloud environment.[/li][li]Experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence and/or artificial neural networks.[/li][li]Proficiency in applying various mathematical and statistical models to include, but not limited to: discrete event simulation, factor analysis, genetic algorithms, Bayesian probability models, hidden Markov models, sensitivity analysis, sampling, probability, multivariate data analysis, regression, PCA, time-series analysis.[/li][li]Broad understanding of databases (e.g. SQL, NoSQL, Lucene, Mongo), and high-performance or distributed processing (e.g. using MapReduce, Spark, Pig, and/or Hive).[/li][li]Experience with visualization software (Tableau, D3, MicroStrategy, PowerBI).[/li][li]Experience delivering solutions in an Agile environment.[/li][li]Experience with Tensorflow, Theano or Keras.[/li][li]Portfolio of public and private data science projects you’re proud of (GitHub, Kaggle, DrivenData, etc.)[/li][li]Publications in peer-reviewed journals.[/li][li]Other programming languages such as Scala, Java, R.[/li][/ul]