LIGHTDL.XYZ _enjoy Unlimited TV & Movies

i predominantly use a site called LIGHTDL.XYZ for all my download coz they have clear files and updates are current to within hours of initial airing abroad, is there any other site that has good quality downloads anyone knows about…

why do you download yet you can stream? waste of time and HD space

coz i only download what i can keep on 2 TB

Nice to have if you have extra HD or are travelling

streaming is overated, plus internet speed in kenya tend to be faster around the larger urban areas [Cities] and anyway i prefer watching TV Series or Movies without interruptions, and has 1080,720,480 Resolution so u pick the Res. that best fits ur device, does anyone have a site of better quality? just so i have variety, since sometimes iyo site iko under maintenance, and i cant get the stuff i follow every week

Isn’t that what unused space is for?

Thanks, hinzan. hapo umenisaidia roho safi.

its slow

I Prefer using Theres also live stream available on the site. I request Movies and its uploaded very quickly

watu wa net ya ofisi ya muindi lazima tu download twende nayo.

alafu pia unagawia madem wa estate wanakusafisha vas deferens