Life's journey

It occurred to me the only destination is death and everything else is an opportunity to choose how you want to experience the journey.

“Why do I do what I do? What drives me to make the choices that I make?”

So I decided I will not start anything that I do not want to do for the rest of my life. In that way its not a destination that I’m working towards because that’s already decided and I can’t change it but what I can do is work on the quality of the journey I tailor for myself by working with my strengths. The added value to that I thought is that if it’s a skill I will get better at it with time and also if I enjoy it I will be willing to learn and do more of it. Same with if it’s friendships, hobbies etc

Of course I don’t claim that things will always go as planned, its inevitable to drop some on the way but keeping an eye on whether or not it serves my journey makes decision making that much easier.

Make sure you choose your journey so that next time you’re faced with what seems to be an impossible decision to make you can ask yourself “Does this serve my journey or nah?” if yes then cherish it, nurture it and slowly polish it. If the answer is no, it might as well not exist.


have you watched that morbid video by boniface mwangi…sina rink.kwa sasa…but u soundin like him already.

Very true…siku hizi I live a day at a time…


Deep. Very deep

Quality of the journey which cannot be quantified in monetary terms…


Death is the only absolute truth

There are many crazy things in this world; so they have now made edible Dettol soap, made with tangerines?

my only true god is called death.
he fucks everyone.
he commands fear and awe.
sema 27 bado unauza dhahabu now i found a cheap mineral that everybody uses.
iron in form of steel.
thats where i have set my sights on

mmmh…leta biz wewe

I havent watched the video, but I dont do morbid. Quite the opposite. I like art, I like beautiful things
But that said, everyone has a way of expressing themself. As long as its not breaking any laws, fine with me

Do you work for Umash?

Money is good. Very good. But then more often than not, if you chase money you might end up being frustrated when you dont get the results that you anticipated. But if you chase your dream, your passion, it will morph into a money-making venture sometime without even noticing

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Blessed are those who have realized this. They arent puzzled by the ups and downs of this life. They know that what is to be, will be.