Leo niliona news ya mzee wa 1844. Pia nimesoma news za Demethew (sijui spelling). It got me thinking. Living long is not necessarily an achievement if you think through it, especially if you are poor. I believe that a guy akijipanga poa in his twenties, a-enjoy life to 70 will have lived a more fulfilling life than a man who lives a miserable life for 110 years. Quality over quantity. Obviously we try to stretch both i.e longevity and quality. I believe kuna watu wengi sana who lived to 50 years and lived a fulfilling life na kuna wako 100+ na their lives are/were far from good. Its not about the years in your life, but the life in your years. One month in Malibu beats six months working kwa mhindi. So like 10 years when you are happy and financially stable is equivalent to like 30 years of normal life. Family, friends, hobbies, money can add a lot of life into your years.

Mimi target yangu Ni 120 years nione all my thirty kids wakipata watoi .

What you’re saying makes a lot of sense if you believe this life is IT. Do you believe in life after death?

If you know there’s another life waiting, then everyday makes a difference. It’s the reason self preservation instinct is strong in us. While your consciousness may refuse to believe, the inner man knows what lies ahead. Everything we do or think of while on this earth is being recorded in a Book.
The longer you live, obviously the more opportunities you have for doing good deeds and the greater your reward in heaven, or punishment in hell for bad deeds.

Life expectancy ya Kenya ni 70 years. At 120 years utakuwa zuzu if you manage to reach that age. Kazi itakuwa kuanikwa na kuanuliwa uote jua. You will have very poor eyesight if not blind. Pampers ndio zako. A total burden to society really. Mimi I’d rather live to 80 or 90 max but have those last 60 years full of life.

I will be honest with you. I don’t believe in life after death just because the white man came and brainwashed most of us. For independent thinkers like me, there is no heaven or hell. This life is it. When you die, you melt into nothingness. Exactly how you were before being born. You return to that unexplainable state without consciousness.

Better to live to be 60 yrs but live a full life then to live a miserable life until 80. And when you go, it should be painless.

If nothing matters, why are you disturbed/sad at the thought of your impending convalescence and death? If we are biological organisms devoid of spirituality, then sickness, aging and death are just as natural and desirable as youthful vibrancy. The demise of the old and unfit creates much needed ecological space for new species.

I don’t remember saying that nothing matters so don’t attribute that to me. In fact, I just explained why this life is IT in my opinion, so it is the only thing that matters. Quality over quantity. You can improve the quality of your life, but you can’t dictate how long you will live. You can add life to your years, but you can’t add years to your life…you feel me

So human flourishing and maximizing the quality of life is the most important thing. Well, the guy who slaves for a mhindi all his life is a fool for not stealing from his boss and living a charmed life by the beach. After all there’s no objective morality.

Living over 90 is a no. You are heavily dependent on family. Since they dont have time, they hire help who just steal and feed you left overs. If I make it to 90,I will smoke weed till I die. So I can die in peace and pain free.

Who told you so,the fellas born between 1940s and 1960s are still much alive and most go past the 70yrs mark.I tend to think its coz most were brought up eating traditional foods and worked their ass out,you know the manual work,the environment was also clean.This we know contributes to lot of ones well being. today everything is polluted including some food we are eating.Generations that came later and i mean from 90s are the ones who might not hit the 70yrs mark

THE AFTERLIFE. To dig into this important issue, sometimes our rational minds fall short, though our religious traditions gives us a glimpse of what life after death might b like.

This is thought provoking indeed, I was not prepared for heavy duty thinking at this time of the day…

Purple, you are now crossing boundaries of human thinking capacity limits…but keep going! I am now awake…

Bottomline: Msito Tupac alidedi akiwa 25.

There can be no life after death, because death, by definition, is the absence of life. When you die, you disintegrate and return to the state you were before birth. Life, as we know it, is just a small fraction, of our entire existence on earth. The truth is, we all have existed on earth for millions of years, but gained consciousness after we were conceived under an ideal set of chemical and physical conditions. We will lose that consciousness when we die, and disintegrate to our normal state of existence on earth i.e in other physical states of matter.

The afterlife is a religious creation, designed to dispel people’s fear of dying. People fear death, so pioneers of various religions saw it fit to plant the idea of life after death.

There’s a video I saw of an old kikuyu lady. Just normal old like 80s. She was saying she can’t wait to leave the world; she felt she had lived a full life and seen it all, plus all her friends had passed on. Apparently kuna peer pressure ya kudedi kama vile kuna ya kuoa, kuzaa etc.

For most people, a crappy life is guaranteed after 90 years. Zero friends. Burden to the family. Very bad health and sky-high medical bills. Dementia setting in. The downside is endless. To me my ideal life is becoming a billionaire by 40, enjoying life for half a century and clocking out at 90 in my sleep. Hizo 50 years before death you travel the world, smash Brazilian models, visit Wallstreet (Must visit), etc etc.

Fundamental questions about existence and the afterlife always draws an a thrilling debate, such questions if answered to satisfaction can lead to a path of enlightenment. Obviously we hold different doctrines on above said matter. I will b posting a thread on the afterlife (religion category)…with facts of cause, fill welcomed to peruse and present counter points