life: the good, the bad & the hope for better

Fala amelewa on a weekday…
Reflecting about my life…
Flash back early 2016…
No job…
Was about to get married na pia hio ikagonga mwamba…
Alcohol was my refuge…
Was at the lowest… just giving up with this life…
Then i thought who is hurting …?
Fala replying to 12… Boss kikiumana ni wewe unaumia, ukiwa poa ni wewe unaenjoy…
From then decided to change attitude…
Have a positive look to life…
Things were still hard and became worse… my friend @imei2012 can confirm…
Bt like they say every cloud has a silver lining and that its darkest just beforw dawn…
And for sure things improved…
And even if i am not where i thought i would be almost 2years ago i have a reason to smile, a small & young family … And my son calls me daddy i imagin what i would have lost had i lost hope…

To @Alchemist and all talkers who feel like this life doesnt add up…
Know that we dont hold our future only God knows
Always have a positive attitude to life coz even when at your lowest the only way you can go is up…


Keep forging ahead it’s always darkest before Dawn!


If you are still breathing, it’s not yet over.


Okay sir what you said is awesome. My problem isn’t attitude. If you knew me in person you will definitely change you view. Am glad things are good for you.


Kuna ile time you feel as though uko nyuma ya your peers. Unaonaa ni kama unafail. Everything you put your hands on backfires. As much you try to find positives you can’t and the more you try to stop comparing yourself to others huwezi. All in all, its during the darkest night that makes you appreciate the stars


Nice and congrats. Congrats also to imei, that’s a good friend right there


Boss, i agree i dont know what is… what i know is it can & will get better


That is a different bag of potatoes all together. Allow me to bore you:
We have introverts; those who look inside. Then we have extroverts; those who look to the outside.
The problems you face/ will face to an extent depend on the above.


hehee a drunk body speaketh a sober mind. najua uko juu ya naps but apo umenena ukweli…and you’ve kept it real and fighting lakini punguza izi 5th generation ukiweza bruh!


Sometimes wanywaji are the most honest fellows you will find. They have no need to baby you.


Papa unajua i had to stop drinking then so that i can enjoy it today…
Wacha nileweeeed

And how are things on your side bro?

Kunywa kabisa fala. Pia mm nmeitiwa mambo flani apa na neiba-beshte na nkakuta wakikunywa smirnoff. I hate vodka but since hatungekoroga lugha ikabidi nimeze yenye ilikua imebaki but imefanya pia nami nitumane coz mambo bado.

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Hehee this plastic ban is fcking hilarious…
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Enjoy your drinking boss, na ukamue khupipi ya neigbour

Hata mimi niko kwa local na nimekasirika

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Mimi September huwa birthday yangu. I swear it’s the most stressful month for me. Huwa najiona ni kama sija achieve kitu kwa maisha yangu. Job niko poa. Side hustles zinaleta kuleta na despite having a few tens of millions in cash bado naona Friday stress ikinianza.


True about attitude. For a while nilikuwa naenjoy job nafanya, the level of responsibility, relationship na mdosi na clients… Then jana bomb shell, ati mdosi anataka kuleta a partner to the biz. yeye a relax kiasi coz. tumiaka tumeenda. Thats another nigga I will have to report to na sijui atakuja na rules gani. Jana afte nilikua down kiasi hata hakuna kazi ya maana nili do.
Leo asubuhi I decided maisha lazima iendelee, if he comes na ufala I will look at my options then.
@Fala 12 hii story imefanya nimewacha postponing registration, forms nimeanza kujaza next week nizi rudishe

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Suffering build character- mhenga Ngimanene

This is Relatable
Thanks brother