Life of a streetchild

I happened to be at a burial in Langata , and adjacent to us was one for a street child’s mother…At
first it was a bit scary coz the street kids were like 30-40 in number, and there were causing commotion .
some were high on glue,drinking, even taking bhang

Wat saddened is that most were young , looked like 15 yrs n below when they came to lower the
body they just dropped the casket n it fell head first :frowning: no payers nothing…Since there was only 1 spade
some went and plucked crosses from graves and were using as spades. As others used the same to chimbua some graves. Got 3 skulls and were playing with them as footballs.:frowning:

Posing with them as they took pics …got some other bones n u culdnt believe thy dnt even fear .I felt soo bad
these kids are so hardened, see no value in life , have never felt unconditional love :frowning: .N we just call them chokoras!

After their football they left the skull n bones scattered and left… walking probably to tao ,you cud tell
they r kids coz wen u wave bye to them …they happily waved back
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Thats just the way life is…

what were u doing with machokosh mrembo?


At a funeral its not nice calling them that

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Sorry honey, i didnt mean to offend u. I take back my words.

Jus a qtn did u see uwesmake among the street kids…he is also a chokosh…oops sorry meant street kid bt wale wakubwa wakubwa

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On the right in red with a boxed trouser and white headscarf. DF material.

noma sana

I don’t believe this story. Its exaggerated esp o the skull n bones part.

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You don’t have to believe it …to make it true


The climax of the story lacks visual representations. I agree, hekaya else Citizen and NTV would make a Bee line to Langata right now.

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@Purr_27 i believe you

there was a time hyenas would excavate skulls and femur borns from shallow graves in L.A. That waste land is full, a single grave can have as much as three guyz or more burried on top of one another, there are two main categories of graves in that cemetery; permanent and temporary. The temporary ones stay for a relatively short time and someone else is burried on top of you.



Boss I have

Boss I have put pics there…am afraid of skulls n my mum wuld think am crazy taking pics of skulls, wat if they snatched my phone :eek:

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As Ktalk Evidence Board (KEB) member, I think the pics plus the “narrative” meet the required threshold and yes I concur with u, this is a very sad story:(, reminds me of one “Simon Makonde”[/SIZE]


Its nasty , we culdnt drive near that part coz you can easily kwama on a shallow grave

tuwekee sketch ya the story lacking visual representations


So yo

Who would snatch your phone yet you were with your own people? The more you try to defend yourself the more holes you reveal to your tales more fictious than Westeros’ existence

@Purr_27 the white Knights makes the story seem legit.

Just because its a lady telling the tale all men will believe her. Even on the part of kids kicking a skull