Life kuwa ngumu

For those in your 40s,50s,60s and 70s if any.
How did you manage that far.I am eyeing 40 from not very far but oohh my,i feel kama nimelemewa.
I have a good job,nice people around me,started working in my late 20s but i have achieved enough for that time.
However i feel like i have lived a lifetime,you know i am that person who have worked hard to get/acquire everything I have,so it has not been easy.
Did you guys take a break because this pace is too fast especially for this introverted nikka who is trying all he can to let go of his space,yes including giving away the remote.

@kanguthu you now get why i care about you.

Nisaidiwe na mawaidha ya kuishi na i have no helmet so be easy on me.I am just a human.

never marry

Midlife crisis. Start a family.

Dont do this …her gender is the only beneficiary to this marriage thingy

Life will become harder.

Let me tell you one thing, you do not want to run after young kids when you are too old. The sleepless nights are a torture but all well worth it.

Don’t over think. Take a day at a time. Que sera sera. What will be will be.

sleepless nights might follow you even in old age. The other day you were telling us your kid size is mambo mbaya with the domestic manager plus a kleptomaniac. Unadhani ukiwa mzazi utapata peace of mind kupigiwa simu 11pm eti your son ameshikwa? You’re not sure if upon your death atauza mali and remain forever worried.

Ebu show me that thread ya domestic manager. Hizo zingine nakuelewa.

I cannot directly link it to you due to numerous changed handles over time but at somepoint you were complaining of your kid siz’s alcoholism na kuuza vitu home. Unless wewe sio ule mtu ya Randan.

Am also turning 40 soon but am not scared.Was once advised to try to always hang around people older than myself and i have learnt quite a lot;
1.As you head to 40s and beyond,your health might start taking a beating.Because of this,eat healthy,work out more,avoid or reduce alcohol and keep physically fit.
2.If you havent married yet,marry and get a kid.It gets even more serious here because if you get a kid now,you have to prepare for their education and other upbringing expenses now.This is because if you are relying on employment,their education will spill over beyond your retirement year.If you wont have planned for this you will be in trouble.Dont listen to the MGTOW nonesense. You will reach 60 and you realize you have no kid,no one to bear your name and genes to the next generation.You wont even be able to relate to the family stories when you try to catch up with your agemates.You dont want to be trying to change nappies at 65years while married to a ka 25year old woman who has to get mjuols from another nigga on a egular becasue your heat pace maker cant alow you to go round two and beyond
3.Save save save.At fourty you dont have the energy to parte after parte,so you can divert that money to good use.After saving,invest invest invest.Start and run businesses.Exploit online marketing,invest in business systems that allow you to monitor sales activities remotely,dont compromise on mediocrity by your employees.Mtu akikuibia,fire their ass.
4.Avoid women,as in usishinde uki chase women,all your money itaisha during the chase.Get a woman who has been putting up with your bullshit,discuss starting a family with her,if she agrees,marry her,pea yeye watoto.This family should be the reason you wake up.The quest to give them a good life will drive you to focus on investments,savings etc as opposed to taking slay queens to Mayote islands just to be given some high mileage pudhie
I try to hang out with people in their fourties,some have even been retrenched from their jobs,but because of this ruthless focus,they have serious investments,are worth millions,are not keen to go back to employment and they look younger and fitter than a typical 29 year old man who drinks alcohol daily and pays women for sex nd company on a daily.
Preparation now is key to how 40s and beyond will look like.

Ni mimi…you see up there you had written size not siz so that got me confused as I don’t have a domestic manager. And I added I got your point. I was just finding Bubudiu something to keep him busy…and enthused.

Good stuff right there.

For once talkers are objective.

We really have fossils on this site…ironically they are the ones posting shitty posts every now and then

Go to your boyfriend @Mawaya ,here we are discussing important things. You might need to refer to this thread in future when you get out of your diapers

Nyamazisha kinyambis nyang’au hii.Utakaribia 40 God forbid utajipata unatafta hii post hautaipata.
Free advise,na hii sii jokiso.Try and hang out with guys older than you once in a while.You will be amazed by how much wiser you will be.90% of peeps between 24 and 32 years are more interested in the good life than on what it takes to have a good life (a study by consumer insight).With this in mind,chances of getting good advice from your age mates are slim.The most they can advise you is ‘you guy my guy my moti can fika vasha faster than yours’ ama ‘you guy my guy that chillee was a mtaro bana the way she kunywad all my bottiz of James baba!’
Usikaribie 40 na hata wheel Barrow hauna.Fossilising is inevitable for all,you included.Fossilize with money in your pocket,money in the bank,and with a body fitter than a 24 year old man’s.

A man who has everything has nothing to loose first kama mimi ni wewe dont marry and make sure yu have a kid somewhere sokoa pesa mpaka ukaribie bill gates at your early 50s wewe ni kupumzika na kuchapa tizi kiasi golfing na ukule ma traditional foods body ikuwe fiti na ukamuane mara moja kwa mwezi ni hayo tu kwa sasa na uwe na maisha mema ukikula mali yako :smiley:

Agwash wewe uko fiti umeoa pilot wa Pipeline…

If you need to hangout with fossils to know your life purpose then you are a complete garbage. A 40yr old man still having time to go to facebook to look for KMTC chics shows umechapa kuchapa.Dont worry though you will still be useful to younger generations as an example to avoid in life