Life is a paradox

Chris Kirubi is several times richer on paper than tens of millions of Kenyans, yet tens of millions of Kenyans are enjoying several times better health than him.

Some people strike it big at 25, but burn out by 32. Others roll in at 40, and live behind enough wealth to last generations.

I know several people with millions in the bank, yet are haunted perpetually by their dark pasts. I also know common men who sleep soundly at night yet live from paycheck to paycheck.

Life is indeed a mystery.

[SIZE=5]“The most valuable things in your life are always the things that money cannot buy.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo [/SIZE]

leave the guy alone. he probably an octogenarian and they dont have a reputation for terrific health.

Work hard and be rich. Stop being an escapist. Ask @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii the sweetness of being loaded and attending the Grand Masters in Toronto while riding first class and later hanging out with mayengs in the golf courses in Dubai.

Zile pesa mtu ako nazo kwa account tunaenda kubadilisha zikuwe noti mpya before deadline?
Kiulizo tu.

Kuna golf course kwa desert kweli?

Money is defined by numbers that have no end, if your hapiness is subtantiated by the money you possess then you will never achieve life’s true worth

with money, anything is possible.
hawa wasee wa Dubai wanaweza aamua waeende Mars warudi. na mchanga na mountains tatu waunde artificial Mars kwao

I know guys living in kibera who cant sleep well because of rats

Yes of course. Go to YouTube and see for yourself

You are trying to crack a joke aren’t you? Its a fail!


They imported soil to build them

And yet we all strive to be rich while still villifying those who made it

Speaking of whom…he is back in the country and he seems to have thrown caution in the wind.He is seriously balling… Selfies, bashes, korogas and posting all these on FB.

Usituambukize peasant mentality. Ghaseer!

kirubi is 80…dude has already enjoyed his life…quality life

takataka we ni wale watu huongea shit about those who are doing well irl to feel good, shetani ashindwe

Me too I know a poor fellow who lives in Kayole and does not sleep because of being terrorised by kunguni.