Life goes on

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These is the constant formula for ladies to give out ikus for a fee. For a man respond no need to be rude you just say you don’t have and move on.

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Hehehehe wanakuja chukua kiti n u wait… Hehehe

Acha ukutiliwe na ule mtu wa barabara


I guess if uhuru was the loser I would be tempted to start such

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Hio line ya uhuru and duale is lame… Just tell the lass hauna wewe pia unaexperience hard times ajipange…

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3500 ni pesa ya kunyima mtu? She lost her job for crying out loud! Mupa yeye, braare peasant

though huwa sipendi hii maneno ya favor ya doo ntarefund blah, blah, i do send something or atleast be sincere if i cant . Ladies are different from men if they need it they really need it. Their needs are just too many. Learn how to treat a woman first.

umeffi,3500 ndio inakuuma,?just inbox her contacts nimu sort onetime

Its not about the 3500,it is about the choices she made on 8/8