Life can be so unfair

Imagine on the day you are supposed to celebrate your birthday, your father passes on… Yea that happened to my friend yesterday… so every birthday will be makumbusho for her… We should be grateful for any day spent above ground.!

Pole ssana kwake…njia ni ile ile! Tell her to be celebrating her fathers life as well on her birthdays!


One thing in life is certain, death.

May he R.I.P
No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift
wind. But take comfort in knowing that he is now
resting in the arms of our Lord.
condolences to the family.


this is a dreadful birthday. but tell him to celebrate the coming birthdays ikue pia kama makumbusho; a life well lived

Sad… but that’s the irony and beauty of life. You never know what tomorrow brings

Thanks Villagers, I certainly will pass your condolences.

there is a friend whose last tweet was ‘any day above ground is a good day’

my condolences and prayers to the family of your friend.

my condolences to your friend and family of your friend

its so painful pole kwao

Yes, life by itself is unfair. We are born in to a broken world full of sin. Kama vile @Lifeist amesema hapo juu, she should cherish the memories that she had with dad & celebrate her birthday 2. Inclusion of other family members on this day may really help her cope. Extend my online pole to your friend.

@chicha jus’ came here to say that I fucks with your avatar. Black twitter always finds a way to use that pic to make life worth living.

Oh damn, it actually is fitting for this thread’s tone :oops:

I stopped celebrating mine
… my Dad died the day before my birthday

No you wont. ati “Wasee wa Ktalk …sniff sniff wamesema nikwambie pole” nigga be like “Who da fuq is ktalk?”