Lies People Believe In


Some fat woman somewhere is all inspired thinking she worked her ass off to lose that blubber. Anyway, this woman must have had some serious esteem issues despite having birrions. Fanyeni tizi if you don’t have millions for liposuction abroad. Hit that gym and burn those calories.

Kudos to her.

The lie is fine if it encourages more fat chicks to exercise.

they can have porridge for supper, breakfast and lunch, na wataloose weight slowly ,ama niaje wamauji?

Sawa @M2Random

so when you exercise hata nyonyo hupotea?

Wewe una maintain aje hio 133kg gasia umebeba?


Even if you lose weight, deep deep inside, you still know you are fat

No. It just becomes the natural size God gave you but the more fat unapotea then it becomes more firm.

okey. i had to go back to the picture.

Oneni nono kuita nono mwenzake kanono. Minofu nyinyi

ati GOD gave you hii ndio maana afrika hatuta wai endelea. Even a basic form four leaver knows that genes is what dectects how you will look like,
this is both enhanced by the enviroment and hormonal balance. Nasikianga watu wakisema God made me short it hurts me especially vile mimi nilispend a lot time hapa uni niki study how the DNA works and if you did know its the worlds greatest magic trick even your personality is encoded on your DNA and guess what, how long you will live too is written in there. I hope you are really an engineer cause this next concept will amaze you, now imagine this, 1 gram of DNA has as 100x more information than all the computers and Internet combined. Now imagine if we could mimic the same technology our encryption would be the best since no one has managed yet to hack it our storage space will lessen by 99% and guess what finally dna is low energy meaning that we use less power.

Peleka ujinga na huko,ghasia

kenya tuna kwama juu ya mafala kama wewe even gayness is tied to the gene unafaa ku uliwa usizae a generation of gaaaaays ghaseeer mwenyewe kondoo mkubwa, shoga wewe

Trying to replicate God is the undoing of man…

Nimekwambia tena uwache ujinga kwani weee pekee ndio umesoma ghasia takataka

I wonder wakilose weight poosie uloose millage?!

Excess skin ili kwenda wapi?

They should date akina Kevo, Brayo etc wapate heartbreaks wajipate wamekata weight.