Actually on Friday I decided to pay Lidos club a visit, when I reached there I paid for the VIP section coz I felt it could give me the privacy that I needed at the same time it was just 1000 bob. While doing the payments I was also told the VIP ticket can still allow me to access the regular section any time felt like. At the VIP we had very few customers, let me say not more than 16 but to my surprise most of the customers remained standing not because they wanted to stand but simply because the club doesn’t have enough seats.

And I even realized they no longer do shows like they used to na strippers pia wako chini.

Many of you claim Lidos is the best strip club in town, I was there and I honestly saw nothing good about that club. Hebu tell me what makes it good.

Tembea dangerous Nairobi vichochoros pole pole bila kusumbua church going elders

Church elders lazima wasumbuliwe, kama hawataki kusumbuliwa then wacha wahame Nairobi


Kwani wewe ulirogwa na kuona wanawake wakiwa ndethe?


Yes iko downtown

Strip club za Nairobi ni upuz: they include.
Small world
Bavon is overrated
Kuna ingine opposite kipepeo hotel hapa river road
Apple bees
Gabeez hapana
@mastermwenyewe jaribu excess millionaires ukuje na hekaya

Huko msee huMAKEITRAIN Na $$$

@Starscream hiyo opposite Kipepeo was shut down long ago. It’s now a lodging where you go drill your lanyes at only 1500 Bob inaitwa Inks hotel. But the downside of it is that they used board to partition the rooms so you will always get a cocktail of pleasure cries from at least four neighbouring rooms. It’s good for screwing though.

:D:D:D huko @mastermwenyewe anaenda Na drill aweke shimo asafishe macho

Yap hiyo place ilifungwa but haikuwa club poa

Which one is better now

xcess millioneares is also crap.Expensive drinks and no boobies to see

enda gabez hapo next to liddoz… beer is 200 na kunguru ziko friendly… alafu dejay or mcee anaeza kubig up shoutout…

So gabeez iko poa

Out of all these which one is better

Don’t listen to KTalk beta males. Lanyes are 95% Singo mathas and drug addicts. Nothing special there


Opposite kipepeo ilifungwa