liberal reasoning

Now people. since being fundamentalist liberal, leftist, communist, and socialist is akin to being cool in your dim world, let’s go all the way.
I say that plants have rights. If I remember well, under a microscope its difficult to distinguish between plant and animal tissue. the more you go into detail the more it looks uniform. Is it not plant cruelty to kill and eat their children/offspring? Don’t you have conscience chewing those beans? do you know of the sacrifices the bean plant made for its children? how heartless?

I know which planted you smoked.

I also know of one you might have chewed… Cruel niga!

If you eat the plant raw, it’s still alive. So yes, there’s a line.

There’s a symbiotic relationship between plants and animals that is beneficial to the plant. First study that. The right to a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship for plants. That includes consumption of the plant by the animal . In an intricate ecosystem we look at equilibrium for the entire system that would optimally benefit the respective species in various nomenclatures. Not individual rights.

By the way, crop production is easier on the environment than livestock production. Feeding on animals depletes natural resources suchas water at 10 times the rate of feeding on plants. With the huge population growth and carbon footprint, carnivorous or even omnivorous feeding will bcm unsustainable eventually.

So you have to murder the plant to eat it. gross!! tyranny!

Plant cells have cell wall while animal cells don’t. Chloroplast?

A better argument would have been that since plants show ability to adapt to different enviromental changes to stay alive they can be argued to display a type of intelligence.

I agree with some of the liberals talking points e.g. killing wild animals for sport is just wrong. Hata fishing for sport is wrong but if you eat that fish then it’s okay. But killing and eating a cow is the most natural thing for a man.
Halafu they don’t want people to eat animals because it’s cruel while they support abørtion, including live birth abørtion.
On environmental protection they do a great job. I opposed the ban on plastic papers but I have to admit that it looks cleaner. But sometimes they care for the environment so much that they oppose development which again I disagree with. Kenya needs infrastructure development if we are to fight poverty and diseasee.

Replace ‘in various nomenclatures’ with ‘in various [ecological] niches’.

Duly noted. Thanks.

Liberals leave a bad taste in the mouth of conservatives

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Dead man walking.
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