Lexxie Spa vs Crystal Spa

Lexxie wins for me. Awesome ladies and 4k for 2 ladies!

Kumbaff kwa nini haungepost na your original handle… NV chieth

Marketing 101

Hi lexxie iko wapi tuconfirm hizi statistics?

Lexxie is the former La-celeb spa on Dev towers? That place used to be top notch but the goon running it overpriced the services and was undercutting customers. You negotiate 4k thinking it’s full service but the babe will massage you to erection then quickly announce that bei ya kuma ni different. 2k over and above the massage cost. True she has very good selection of girls but she has to play well on pricing. Three compared ie lexxie, crystal and city spa I will vote city spa the best

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Tell me more about City Spa. I am a client at the opposite Absa branch, and wouldnt mind venturing some day. I got to know about it coz I saw two beauties enter and go up the stairs nikajua hapo lazima kuna mambo inatendeka

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It’s a very good parlor but abit high end. Massage alone is 4k. Extra is discussed with the lady of your choice but typically goes for 1500 to 2k. The talent here is exceptional

I read somewhere its owned by a certain MP from Meru.

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City spa wako very pricey

Rate card?

Afadhali calabash

But genuine. They tell you everything beforehand. Lexxie is also improved nowadays.

3k massage only, 3k body 2 body, hj or bj 1500

Na ile ya gill house nowadays haiko?

Na kufyeka

Sikuuliza niliskia bei nikajitoa after massage

Mi huona massage ni upuzi.
Huwezi enda tu hapo na useme unataka mechi exclusively ama lazima wakukande kwanza?


Bj unavaa cd? Kaswende tricky

Sasa weweeee…Si ata heri kunyonga kuliko kupewa BJ na condom

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So wanapeana bj raw?
Ju most places must uvae cd ndio upewe bj

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