Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, aka MUSITOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

When he won the Turkish GP in spectacular fashion and clinched his 7th WDC, I was too busy renovating my two cyber cafes (I do that every two years, you gorra remain fresh). Salty wazungu in online forums are yet to come to terms with the fact that a nyeuthi is now the greatest of all time in the world’s whitest sport. I’ve been reading butthurt comments of the “he’ll never be as good as Schumacher/it’s the car that wins titles” variety for weeks now :D:D:D When Lance Stroll clinched pole position, some ghaseers cheered, forgetting that Hamilton is the undisputed master of wet races.

Fastofo, which formula 1 champion ever won a title without having the best car on the grid? Schumacher’s Ferrari was so dominant that he’d win the title with several races remaining. Ferrari made it clear Schumacher was their number 1 driver. They’d do everything, including sabotaging their number 2 driver, to give the German wins. The FIA also made some rules that clearly favored Ferrari (such as tyre changes that increased the Italian team’s dominance). Schumacher himself was a dirty driver at both Benetton and Ferrari. He would ram into opponents to deny them wins, and engage in shady shit to clinch poles or race wins. Hamilton’s reign as world champion has been largely clean.

This thread isn’t meant to trash Schumacher’s achievements, but statistically speaking, Hamilton is better. He still has more championships to win. When he retires, he’ll be F1’s undisputed GOAT. Or like I like to call him, MUSITOOOOOOOOO!!!



The only threat that can stop Hamilton’s dominance is the same one that slowed down Tiger Woods and Mike Tyson: bitches. This guy should stay away from especially white bitches ama ajipate akiangushwa na manufactured rape allegations. Afadhali musito akue ananyonga, ama ikiwa lazima atombane, akue na camera crew inamfuata 24/7 kila mahali wanaenda na dem. These hoes caused the entire city of Troy to be wiped out. Underestimate them at your own risk.

Hamilton is geyy so only white dudes like Max Verstappen can bring him down. Pun intended.

Ulikua na point fiti sana but the moment u brought race onto this u stopped making sense. Hamilton may identify as black but he is essentially biracial.

Max Verstappen is good but he still needs a few years to mature. If you put him in a Mercedes with Hamilton as his team mate for a whole season, I believe Ham would still come out on top, pun not intended. Verstappen would win a few races with his aggressive racing style, but he’d also make more mistakes than the composed Brit. Also, it doesn’t matter what Hamilton identifies as, the world treats him as black. Tiger Woods pia aling’ang’ana kutukumbusha vile sijui he’s 1/16th Japanese, sijui 1/64th Carribean, every time he’d be firmly reminded he’s a nigger, especially when he messed up.

You have forgetten Ham is close to 13 years older than Max. If Max races for as long as Hamilton has, he will for sure overtake him, Mercedes or not. He only needs to smoothen out the rough edges and he will be as dominant as Hamilton. Dont forget that Ham has less than 5 years left on the track BTW. Ata next season sioni aki-dominate as he did in the last 4.

Hapo Verstappen anaeza, lakini time is running out ata kama he’s a once in a lifetime talent. He’s already lost the opportunity to be the world’s youngest champion despite starting F1 at 17 years. Usishangae jamaa akiretire with only two championships under his belt, ata Alonso aliingia na vitisho but retired without hitting his maximum potential. Kumbuka pia kuna kina Leclerc, George Russell, Carlos Sainz, and other upcoming youngsters. With the end of the hybrid era, the field will be more level, which will give more teams (and drivers) the chance to win championships.


If he wont have won his 1st championship by 25 asahau kupita Lewis. But Max is as tough as nails, he looks like he is in this for the long haul barring any serious accidents. He reminds of young Ham back in 2008 akiwa McLaren. Akiingia Mercedes he will for sure ruffle some feathers.

Nobody will ever reach the levels of Hamilton. naskia some rules will end the dominance by a team na hapo max hana bahati. kwanza Ocon ndio ataingia place ya Bottas as Lewis extends his stay in Mercedes Tumuongezee other 6 years

why less na mbona asidominate

F1 is a very taxing sport man. It really takes a toll on you. You gotta be very passionate to continue racing after 10 years on the track

Raikonnen bado ako. Pale MotoGp which i consider more taxing Valentino Rossi is still there

Ata Alonso anarudi at 39 years.

Valentino rossi is just embarassing himself TBH. i wish he could quit earlier akiwa peak

But be sure he aint winning no races, just collecting paychecks

hehe angetoka this year awachie watoto nafasi but mimi naona Hamilton anangoja retirement ndio aseme yeye ni gay

nobody thought that fangios records will ever be broken then came along schumacher. Boss hizi records aremeant to be broken and they will be broken. With increased reliability and safety of drivers its only a matter of time it will be an uphill task lakini zitavunjwa.

Na kisha ocon is very overrated yeye hajaonyesha that he is top tier yet and i know hiyo forced sabbatical ilimwumuza but he needs to up his game kwa sababu russell ataingia hapo kwa bottas. Na ocon akilala alonso atamchota na gasly will eventually take his seat soon.

I am with you on this one. He has swam against all odds. Overcame all the racial barriers thrown at him by the media and kept his eyes on the trophy. I read that he is likely to be knighted in the new year. Boy sooo deserves it.

No, but Hamilton is an MGTOW lieutenant hehe. Remaining focused till the job is done

Ata mimi Ocon ameni-dissapoint. I expected more from him. Lakini I don’t see Alonso lasting more than two seasons. These hyped comebacks never go well.

Musito ataoa after ku-retire, ama apate mjunior via surrogacy kama musito CR7. Vettel ali-lose focus after becoming a family man, Rosberg naye akatumia family kama excuse ya kuhepa juu he knew Ham would wipe the floor with him in 2017.

Kitu moja niko sure hamilton will never marry, he is past that stage. He may get kids via surrogacy tho