Letter to JaKuon

FW: Any question should be directed to Matsanga David


Dear my Africans in Kenya ,


  1. Raila, what are you trying to pull by issuing an M-Pesa pay bill? You are funded by George Soros through his organization called the Open Society ( https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros ).

  2. He is the Hungarian billionaire who now lives in the USA & who funds organizations & NGOs around the World to fight sitting governments & bring regime change.

  3. These NGOs in Kenya include the Kenya Human Rights Commission lead by Makau Mutua, Maina Kiai & George Kegoro and AFRIcog lead by Gladwell Otieno. Therefore, your recent begging flanked by your mules through an M-Pesa pay bill number is a plain disguise of a well orchestrated plan to hide your financiers.

  4. Raila, why is that pay bill asking people to put their ID numbers as the account number? Has it become Kenya Power or NHIF? This is a clear plan to mask your unprecedented ID numbers collection for massive vote rigging/sabotage.

  5. There is a letter from Safaricoms head of Merchant payments dated 5th Sept written to ODM demanding explanations on the suspicious activity of the pay bill number.

  6. Raila, you say Kenyan children will not die if the national exams are postponed. Let me tell you, just as your mole Maraga mkora said, election is a process not an event & also national exams is a process not an event, and you will also NOT die if elections are carried out on 17th October 2017 .

  7. Kenyan children in class 8 & form 4 have been preparing for the exams since they joined school and timelines and dates are so psychologically embedded in them such that messing with the dates will make trouble for these young minds and mental torture to them & to their parents.

  8. My dear comrade friend, you don’t know the pain of waiting for an exam for 8 years or for 4 years because you have never sat for one!

  9. Comrade Raila, we know your academic background is questionable, we know you studied motor vehicle repair mechanic over in Germany which you now claim is masters in mechanical engineering, & if you can prove us wrong, produce your certificates and show the public, or if not, produce at least a photo of your graduation! Raila.

  10. Comrade be informed that the University you claim to have studied only started a faculty of mechanical engineering in 1993, and so, unless you graduated after 1993, you have NO masters in anything maybe masters in stupidity!

11.If you don’t concur, know there is something called internet and your University is on the web and anyone can check!

12.Comrade Raila, also be informed that we are aware that you don’t worship God but some dark powers and your witchcraft activities that have marred your political life no wonder you leave a trail of violence in your wake, check 2007/2008.

  1. Conrade Oh, and before I forget, we still remember that Jimmy Wanjigi is also financing you and in your agreement with him together with your 5 co-principals, it was clearly stated that he invest 10 billion KES to your campaign, with a pocket allowance of 300 million KES to you & your 3 guys in return you award him contracts.

  2. These cobtracts estimated to be of over 2.2 trillion KES (including but not limited to Nairobi mass transit system, 1000Mw gas plant in lungalunga, 1034 km Garissa-Moyale road, Security Installation for Kenya Police, military & NYS among others) once you rise into power.

  3. Conrade with you babu Raila getting a 40% of the profits to your personal account, with watermelon Kalonzo Musyoka getting 20% of the profits to his personal account, and the others a smaller percentage.

  4. On top of that, you would also allow him to personally appoint his own men as CSs & PSs to the following ministries; Treasury, Interior, Defense, Finance, Energy, Housing & Transport and Infrastructure.

  5. You also agreed to allow him to appoint his men to head the Central Bank, Public Service, inspector general, NIS, CID, Military commanders, Attorney General & State House comptroller.

  6. That agreement also stated that failure to winning the elections, you must force a grand coalition. Consequently, failure to rising to power by any means, you will re-pay Jimmy Wanjigi his 10 billion KES with 50 billion KES interest.

  7. Therefore, we know why you are doing everything you can to rise to power so you can fulfill your promises to your masters, that is why you don’t care even for the lives of Kenyan children!

  8. However, be informed, you will never rise to power! You will never be president nor become Prime Minister again in Kenya, never again!

  9. Kenyans be very careful seceral plots are veing organised against your country …stop the French intelligence DSGE and Total Oil from causing chaos in East Africa…we stand by you …


Lets share widely until this letter reaches all those who love peace & love Kenya

Son Of Soil Matsanga David
LONDON …DATED 10.09.2017
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@gashwin wt do yu thnk of this thread


Now give us a letter to Macho nyanya.

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Hapana tambua the fattest living refugee in the world


This one is below the belt.




mwenye macho haambiwi tazama…but some people choose to live on faith…it’s their choice.

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Colgate and Close Up are failing in such a glaring market opportunity. ‘Safisha meno kama baba’… complete with a before and after.

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@gashwin amewaambia nmeenda kufungulia wfe mlango

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Pamba i keep on telling you Mambo ya siasa wacha if you are not eligible to vote… Kesi ya mswaki waingilia ya nini ilhali meno huna


Iiiyootee ni UPUSSSSY…UOTP

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