Howdy Admins,

Ive been a member of the forum couple of months and must say am disappointed by how misogynist this forum is. I have heard a female member say that her friends declined her offer to join the forum because of how hostile it is towards women. Personally, I have been forced to put several guys on my ignore list because they are bullies and are not intrested in engagement .All theyre seeking is an opportunity to put women down, diss them ,insult them,bully and objetify them. Maybe this forum was meant for men only and so women’s comfort is not really considered but if this is the case please inform femaale members upfront that if you are outspoken as a woman or as a christian or as a person supporting NASA you are not welcome in the forum. There is too much trolling,insults, abusive language and the like. Please do something in terms of moderation because the place is becoming a case study in cyber bullying. I think you want more members and more divergent view points but you’re not creating an enabling environment for especially females who would like to join and remain on the forum. I understand that many men here feel very powerless IRL and this is where they come to stamp their authority by harassing and berating women. But just kindly consider how this environment is for women and whether it encourages inclusiveness and tolerance as well as participation particularly for the few non male members who are not dormant. I dont know what you can do but really many things uttered here are unacceptable . Kindly be considerate and do a cost benefit analysis of making the forum be less hostile to women members so that they can participate and give their diverse inputs.

This letter has no signature and a stamp, I declare it null and void

Nitarudi kusoma maoni…

@Ngimanene na nyeni would have a field day with this post

Wallahi mamangu huyu makena amezidi

I thought affirmative action was all about women being given the same treatment as men. Most of the comments you seem to be talking about are normal banter between parties in this forum but you seem to be arguing that the same statements if directed to a member of the female gender are not only hostile but sexist.

I am no misogynist but a hostile statement directed to a pink handle does not amount to sexism or gender based hostility.

Just my two cents.

Safisha sisi macho kwanza

Sasa si ufanye tu petition. This is not a mods thing. Its a feminazi approach.

Sio wewe wa kwanza ama wa mwisho, tumeona wengi kama wewe na wametuacha tu hapa with our male chauvinism. You can rant all you want .Our IQ is low as you have described, but you want to be respected. Haya Utangoja

Am not talking about equal or unequal treatment, am talking about condusive atmosphere for the pink handles to participate because first of all female participation is very low and frankly if as a woman you dont have a thick skin you will not stay in the forum because of how hostile it is to women,its also hostile to non Jubilee supporters and Christians , all am asking is some kinds of rules of engagement to enable the forum be all inclusive. Being sexist is one thing but going to the point of insulting people,personal attacks and even very nasty talk about their children really is unacceptable. Let us make the forum more inclusive and less hostile especially to minorities. After all the aim is increased membership, if women fear joining because of how hostile the environment is, its not good for growth

When you have more messages than likes you should look inwards. I assure you, you’ll be staring at where the problem lies

@GeorginaMakena, I love women so much that can be supported by @femaleperspective and @ supuudon.However I can swear by my missing teeth in the lower jaws that you are a tree holder, you can take that to Ekwete!!. So please stop painting in bad light the genuine pink handles.

Its a place to have fun. Do not take anything seriously madam. Sasa tusafishe mecho

Lemmi ask you a question that is coming your way anyway if I don’t ask first… when did you last have a superb, thrilling, fantabulous sex?

Just answer politely…The problem might be in the answer.

Welcome to a man’s world,a man has an ego and is socialized to compete,and we get along by making jokes about each other and straight insulting each other.So if you come to a forum with majority men my advice is:
1.Do not try to insult/belittle/compete with men,especially if you are a woman you will get what is coming to you,
2.No one in the forum cares about how much you know, people care about how much you contribute to a conversation
3.Do not take comments/jokes from men personally, we never take any insults/jokes on a personal level we laugh it off and even laugh at ourselves.

By the way,am saying this in the interest of making the fforum more condusive especially to pink handles,me am thick skinned and nowadays ukinisumbua I just put you on ignore so hakuna mahali utanipata na hayo matusi yako. Ive blocked everybody who cant engage in a civil manner because I dont believe in insulting people to make your point. At one point I could insult back till they back down but I realised many are not adding any value to my posts anyway so hata nikiwablock I’ll just be getting rid of irritants and trolls

Your threads revolve around relationships and k-talk being the village it is, you don’t expect guys to discuss same things over and over. The way you create them also derails our mind wondering if you really want us to debate in writing or was meant for Maina kageni morning show. Sometimes its good to just comment and read mood in the village before starting a thread. Keep your threads short and detailed, know which day people are glued on a political threads and safisha us macho once in a while.



You feel hostility because you take things here seriously,najua kila kijiji hautakosa mwendawazimu and this is the case here.
Sasa ww unalia na my friend @Mosa atasema nn na kile anapost huwa inakuanga bashed all the time… Find a good base na usimame imara masweeps zikama zikiendaga…